Telling the Daedra to well you know...
Hello all i'm new to the modding community (as in I love to use the but dont want to create because I know it will be bad lol but I digress) and was doing the Molag Bal quest in Skyrim and thought why cant I tell this clown to bugger off? I'd really love to see an alternate ending for that quest, maybe something like after telling Molag to jump in a river you and your new vigilant buddy get abducted and have to fight your way out of a deadra cultist's prison or something like that haha. Getting to give the middle finger to Hermaeus Mora during his quest was really cool and even recruiting Miraak was neat so why not have something similar for other daedric quests? sorry for the long read thanks for your time :)

ps if you know of any mods on either the workshop or nexus that you cant live without let me know.
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