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Auto Portal won't open the first time
hi there. I'm using the BEEmod for PeTI and I have two maps where I have placed an orange auto portal. I've linked it to a Trigger so that it should open when triggered. It does this partially. It only shows the edge of the portal and when I fire a blue portal somewhere and I try to walk through the orange one, I get stuck behind the map in white space. I'm also using Hammer for texture editing, so I was wondering if it would be an option to fix this problem with Hammer. I am no expert in coding and programming or whatsoever, so bear that in mind.

the weird thing is though: when I die, or restart from an auto save, it's opens just fine.

I hope someone has a solution, or has had this problem before and can help me.


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TeamSpen210 18 Jul 14, 2014 @ 1:59pm 
Is the autoportal on a black surface?
if you mean non-portalable, then yes
TeamSpen210 18 Jul 14, 2014 @ 5:53pm 
That would be the problem. If a portal is blocked from spawning (if there's no room, or the surface is non-portalable) it'll appear at the origin. In PTI maps the origin is in the corner closest to the entrance with the starting map, and in hammer it's the location with 3 lines coming out of nothing (red,green and blue). It's also at the intersection of the blue lines in the 2d views.

If you don't want the player being able to portal there cover it with a func_noportal_volume (with nodraw texture), then disable that when the portal opens. Enable it when it closes. You might also want to use a fizzler in front, to make it make more sense.
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yeah, ive done that once and i bounced up and down in white and my test. whenever i back up it stops. i didnt know and i deleted it. so ill never do it again.
@TeamSpen210 thanks for your answer but like I said, I have no idea how to do all that in Hammer. sorry.

@_1littlekitten_ that's too bad. I really had a nifty puzzle which will
be too easy when you have both portals available. damn...
it's fixed. making the surface white did the trick. thanks!

the maps can be found here
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