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PhDZemph 1 Jul 6 @ 2:44pm
Issue with track platform - non active starting state
The non-start active state seems to be bugged, since my switches/buttons cannot let it start non-operational, even if I untick the box. Just ignores it - oscillating or not. I use the simple editing tool given with the game. (Yes, I connected it to a button and all other items work fine and the surface is right one to attach.)
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TeamSpen210 13 Jul 6 @ 3:53pm 
Which platform - piston or track? The "start active" option only applies to the oscillating mode of the track platform, and should work fine.
PhDZemph 1 Jul 6 @ 5:18pm 
thx for your reply - sorry, just edited that: Yep, the track platform. Well, I think I tried out any combination but couldn't start it closed. I'll give it a try now...
PhDZemph 1 Jul 6 @ 5:23pm 
Naw, still no better ...everything else works fine. Just the track platform.
TeamSpen210 13 Jul 6 @ 5:43pm 
What do you mean by "closed"?
It has two modes:
- oscillating, where it moves back and forth. Here the input turns it on and off.
- non-oscillating, where it stops at each end. The start active property here has no effect, it always starts in the position shown in the editor, then moves to the other end of the rail when the input is active. You can't stop it halfway.
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