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Weapon idea: The portable dispenser (medigun)
Name: The portable dispenser

Ability: Give target ammo just like the dispenser (25-50% slower rate than dispenser)
Target will recieve 25-50% less healing
Target receive less ammo if trying to get ammo pack
Ubercharge: Protect the target from bullets

What do you guys think? Any suggestion is appreciated, and thanks for reading!
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That is a great idea
I had an idea milling around for a while for what was basically a dispenser pack for the medic. It would look like a hybrid of the medigun backpack and dispenser and basically give ammo while healing the target. So i like this idea.

Maybe for an uber it could act like an amped up Amputator taunt, or /le gasp/ not have an uber at all but instead be able to heal allies that get close to you like a dispenser but better (but not spies, because that'd suck lots).
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Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:06pm
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