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kingcorby77 6 Jul 29 @ 3:54pm
how do you place or make a high fuel/muntions point?
do you have to open a file or is it somewhere in world builder hiding
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Skajellafetty 75 Jul 31 @ 1:25pm 
it's in the "gameplay" section of the objects (the default "territory munitions / fuel" one)
Last edited by Skajellafetty; Jul 31 @ 1:26pm
kingcorby77 6 Jul 31 @ 6:16pm 
thanks now i just need to figure out how to update my map
Last edited by kingcorby77; Jul 31 @ 6:32pm
Skajellafetty 75 Jul 31 @ 9:28pm 
just republish it in the workshop area in game menu... it'll say "published" as it's status, but just hilight it, publish again, & it'll update that same file.
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