MadPoet Aug 23, 2014 @ 9:55am
Rampant Copyright Infringement in Workshop - Tabletop Simulator
I'm a long-time customer of Steam and am very concerned at the distribution of numerous unlicensed board games (among other things) going on through the Steam Workshop of Tabletop Simulator. These go far beyond "reasonable use" and are frequently wholesale digital copies of entire games that are well known with established companies.

Just to name a few games that are completely copied on the Steam Workshop for Tabletop Simulator:
- Mattel (Uno, Phase 10, Harry Potter);
- Hasbro (Risk, Sorry, Battleship, Yahtzee, Mastermind, etc.)
- Piazo (Pathfinder)
- Big Fish Games (7 Wonders)
- Fantasy Flight Games (Arkham Horror)
- Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin - the Spanish version because the English version was taken down reportedly fron an infringement complaint)

And I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how there is a Tabletop Simulator workshop entry for Talisman when Steam itself SELLS a licenced version of Talisman - Digital Edition.

Helpfully, some of the Workshop devs even ADMIT that they are being put up without permission and that the copyright owners are "free to contact the workshop developer to take the entry down"! That doesn't help Steam any, I'm pretty sure, and it damn well doesn't help small board-game developers that don't necessarily have the resources to scoure the internet for infringements to their intellectual property.

Worse yet, copyright concerns have been expressed several times in the Tabletop Simulator forums, but the developers believe they have no responsbility for what is put up on the Workshop, even in the case of repeated and blatant infringements.

The Tabletop Simulator is pretty unique program, but some people have really gone over the line with it by digitially replicating a variety of published works in their entirety.
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