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Valve, Update tf2 Stranges:
Well, There needs to be ALLOT of stranges added to Tf2. I'm not sure WHY they aren't added in there, and If there IS a reason, Please, Tell me.
Let's start with Scout as an Example.
Scout Stranges:
Scattergun(Stock,Festive,Austrailium, all the botkillers)
Force of Nature(Stock, Festive, Austrailium)
Soda Popper
Mad Milk
Crit A Cola
Bonk Atomic Punch
Flying Guillotine
Mutated Milk
Bat(Stock, Festive)
Holy Mackerel(Stock, Festive)
Boston Basher
Wrap Assassin
Fan Of War
Frying Pan

List of scout weps that AREN'T Strange.

Back Scatter(I understand it's new, But, I'm Sure all of us, Including me, Would like a Strange Variant of this.)

Lugermorph(This doesn't apply to this, It's an achievement wep, It cannot be strange.)
Winger(Oh Cmon, I LOVE this pistol, It NEEDS to be strangified.)

Conscious Objector.(Everyone in the community would DIE over this, Customizable signs were great, A Hale's Own Sign with a Derp Scout on it would be the best thing since Uber Update.)

Freedom Staff(An Eagle who can track your kills using him while he's on your staff. Sounds pretty freaking awesome to me.)

Bat Outa Hell (This would be interesting, Also, For it's not a very popular wep, But strange versions would be nice for those people who like stock's damage but dont like the Bat, Shovel, Axe, Bottle, ETC.)

Unarmed Combat (Cmon, Scout's gotta be able to Track his spy kills using his spy arm while being stabbed by a spy who's disguised as a spy who is ALSO disguised as a spy.

Candy Cane
(4 words. WHY THE HELL NOT.)

Three Rune Blade(There's already a Strange Boston Basher, Why not the sword??!!?!?)

Sun On A Stick
(I'll admit, This wep isnt of any use unless your team has 3 or more pyros. But, Wouldnt it be nice to show everyone how many pyro freinds you got with yeour Hale's Own Sun On A Stick.)

Lets Move onto Soldier(I'll be excluding all the All Class weps now, As I just explained those for scout.)

Strange Soldier Weps.
Rawket Lawnchair(Stock, Botkillers, Austrailium)
Direct Hit
Black Box(Stock, Festive, Austrailum)
Liberty Launcher
Beggar's Bazooka.
Buff Banner(Stock, Festive)
Battalion's Backup
Reserve Shooter
Man treads
Escape Plan
Pain train(No one uses this, and it's strange -_-)
Market Gardner
Disciplinary Action.

Now, Non Strange Soldier weps:
Cow Mangler(This wep is highly popular, Futuristic lasers, I mean, Cmon, Strange please,)

Air Strike (Also new, But also needs a strangify. Great gimmicy wep, Goes well with
the strange part Kills While Explosive jumping, Gib kills, And killstreak stranges would be amazing)

Gunboats(Not sure how this works, But, Well, Explosive jumps made while wearing this item?)

Righteous Bison(This wep is great defensive wep against pyros, Any class really, And would be even better strange.)

B.A.S.E Jumper( Counts how many times you've opened the chute. Also, Paints and decals should be appliable to this item[I know this doesnt fit bear with me] cause I mean its a parachute.)

Ham Shank (Another Bat Outa hell case, This is slightly more popular, And a nice weapon to kinda show off)

(This is getting long, So I'm going to put non strange Weps from now on to shorten this.)


Manmetler(Great wep for a supportive pyro, Fits well with philog giving you an abillity to extinguish teammate(Part.) and get crits(Another part) Possibly getting burning kills(Another part for full cusomization.))

Postal Pummler(There's a Strange Axtinguisher! Same Damned thing!)

Maul(Same for Postal. There's a Strange Homewrecker!!!! Why not this!!!!!)

Sharpened Volcano Fragment (Why not, ITs a great spy checking wep.)

Third Degree(Hardly anyone uses this GENIUS wep for taking down medic and heavy pairs, And needs to be able to track those downed pairs.)

(If I were a bad demoman, I wouldn't be INCLUDING THIS SECTION NOW WOULD I?)

Tide Turner (Like all other sheilds, Needs a strange.)

Scottish Handshake (Just a bottle reskin, Like allot of cases, Strange bottle, WHY NOT THIS.)
HHHH(I understand it's special. Maybe you could put yer HHHH into a chem set of some sort to strangify it, Rather than it being found in crates.

Nessie's Nine Iron (Eyelander Reskin, STRANGE IT.)

Claidheamh Mòr(A Great demo wep for extending charge turns, And for those who have enough demoknight skill to use it.)

Heavy Weapons Guy.
And his un-strange weps.

Dalokohs Bar/Fishcake/Buffalo Steak Sandvich(Sandvich has a strange, These are variants with simple differnces, Why u no strange valve?)

(These are getting smaller and smaller, But, Trust me, They are needed)

Engie Weps
Wrangler(Needs to be a stock variant, Festive honestly disgusts me.)
Short circuit(That'd be nice, Maybe instead of kills projectiles destroyed? Or just kills. Kills would be nice.)

Eureka Effect(Why not? Teleporting wrench too much for stranges? Thats sad.)

Destruction PDA(Why not? See how many of your buildings you built YOU actually destroy with that pda of yours.)

I am Ze Medic
An I have no stranges.
Here are some starnges.
And you are also ugly!

Vacinator(This is a great medigun, Providing more of a quickfix effect to certain situations only, But, Uber builds up Very quickly and is easy to deploy. Whitch is helpful, And needs to be strangified.)

Vita Saw (I know medics who love stranges, And regret having to use that strange ubersaw over this wep. This wep is great, Saving uber when you die.P

Snipin's a good job mate.
So these stranges would be nice, Mate.

AWPer hand(Very Popular rifle, Again, Reskin, Strange it now.)

Fortified Compound (Huntsman reskin, Looks cooler than huntsman, Need it now now now.)

Classic (Bit early, but this wep is AMAZING)

I murdered your toys as well.
And found these usefull things.
Sharp Dresser (Oh cmon who doesnt want strange knives-in-your-cufflinks)
Wanga Prick(Cmon....Strange YER...again...just pure lazy.)

Red Tape Recorder(For those people who prefer downgrading buildings just to harrass engies, A strange one of these would be nice

Ap-sap(Would be amazing the best sapper ever.)

There could be two ways to distribute this:
Tons of series of "Weapon Themed" Crates, Containing all these different stranges.
Release the Chem Set! Quick ,Grab old weps, Old rusty stranges and combine them to make new stranges!

Well, Thats the end of my rant, Honestly

Tell me if you agree/disagree/left anything out.
Valve, Honestly consider this.
This could be GREAT profit(New keys, Steam market sales, Etc. This would be amazing.)

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Captain Xym Aug 8, 2014 @ 12:25am 
I'm willing to bet that more stranges will be released pretty soon. Probably with the next major-ish update new crates will be added, with new stranges and whatnot. I do like your idea for a chemestry set where you can combine stranges to make a different strange. It's almost like hat crafting. And one last thing - there IS a Strange Construction PDA and normal looking Strange Wrangler
@TheGamerXym Woah, Didnt know there was a Stock Wrangler. But I meant a Destruction PDA, I understand there's a construction pda, but a DE-truction pda would be awesome.
They need to make strangifiers for Deus Specs, Fancy Fedora, Ham shank, conscious objector, and freedom staff.
@{BBG} That's a good idea, Didnt think of the Fancy and Deus, But they need stranges that I listed up there, Too.
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