JoeY Aug 4, 2014 @ 4:55pm
Pyro- Male or Female?
It's been wondered for ages, tried to been proven but with every person who finds 10 facts that Pyro is a man/woman there is a different answer- gay/lesbian. Yes, my final conclusion is that Pyro is a homosexual guy[/i]. Alot of the facts I believe can be seen here-

Othr information to back up my point-

  1. I'm pretty sure that if there was 8 guys and 1 woman, at least 1 of the guys would've "came onto" the Pyro? Wouldn't they have? I mean, guys have needs.
  2. In the "Meet the Pyro" short film, the Scout says and I quote "No, no, I ain't talking about that freak. HE'S not here..." but then in the subtitles it reads and I quote "HE'S not here, is SHE." so that rules my point out.

Type in the comments what you think guys/girls/ladies/boys- Whether the Pyro is Male/Female and your points to back your decision up. Also subscribe to the discussion so if anyone else reply's then you get notified and if they quote your comment, maybe you's can have an argument or something, I don't really know, but anyway, leave a comment on your opinion down below...
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JoeY Aug 4, 2014 @ 5:02pm 
This is just my beliefs, it's my opinion, I'm not saying it's a fact, i've not got the best information to back it up but, it's enough for me to believe.
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