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protoequestrian Jul 30 @ 12:10am
Two Front Map?
Has anyone thought of a two front map where one team's starting positions are split, somewhat resembling the Western and Eastern Front? Is such a concept difficult to pull off using the world builder? Anyways its just something I've been thinking about and I was wondering if something like that would be playable.
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TheFailicus Aug 2 @ 7:59am 
I've been thinking about this idea for a while. The major concern is the un-split team just setting a defence against one, and pushing against the other. Although, it is still a cool idea.
Skajellafetty Aug 2 @ 12:11pm 
the classic "wake island" from coh1 community maps is like that
Theonardo Aug 4 @ 6:29am 
the classic "wake island" from coh1 community maps is like that
Skajellafetty Aug 4 @ 11:31am 
^ ummm, yeah that sounds familiar Theo
protoequestrian Aug 4 @ 12:32pm 
lol anyways but isnt wake island still a single front? It's sort of like a C shape island.
Skajellafetty Aug 4 @ 12:35pm 
I think the original had 1 on one end point & 2 on the other (a 6 player map)
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