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Blackkat Aug 16, 2014 @ 11:54pm
Bugged Spouse
I got married. My spouse ask me where to live? I answer "My home in Falkreath (Lakeview). I get there. Speed time to two days later. They don't show up and I found him in his home. I have tried telling him to go to different homes and he still goes back to his place. I have never had a problem with this before. I'm not doubting it was a mess up with a mod. But, is there any way to straigten this out?

Is there anything on Steam or a command that could help fix this? I do not use Nexus. I have my reasons. Nexus doesn't work for everyone. I don't want to argue about it.

So far I have my spouse on Follow.
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nannyoggins Aug 17, 2014 @ 12:02am 
There are two mods here on Steam that MAY fix the glitch, though without knowing what caused the problem I can't be sure. Try "Custom Family Home" or "Amazing Follower Tweaks" both give you the option to set a house as home base. Perhaps if you take your spouse to Lakeview and while you're both there set it as your "home". It may work, I'm not certain. :dssmallbird:
Blackkat Aug 17, 2014 @ 12:11am 
I tried taking them to the home and doing that. Did not work. Found him just passing through Helgen. lol I even went to where he lives and told him to move from there. Always says he will be right there and then goes right back to what they were doing. Anyways, I will take a look at those mods you suggested.

The mods I used before were Marriage Mod, To Have and To Hold, and Multi-Followers Lite. I think it was the Follower Mod that did it. I have had the other ones before that and I never had an issue. My Multi- Followers Lite mod was working for a few days. But suddenly all my followers where wondering and taking off. My spouse was one of those followers.
nannyoggins Aug 17, 2014 @ 1:10am 
Arghhhh, it does look like a glitch in the "Multi-Followers Lite".
I can only tell you what I have experienced, I have been using AFT for a long time and had no trouble so I can reccommend it. However, I would suggest that you get divorced and dismiss all followers, then uninstall both follower mods, make a new save, then install AFT! :tokitori:
Blackkat Aug 17, 2014 @ 1:24am 
Well the MFL mod is already uninstalled. I like my spouse and I worry if I divorce him, he won't remarry. I am looking into Costum Family Home. I worry how that will effect my spouse as a follower. I also read a comment about someone experiencing their spouse loosing their marriage dialog and their store after adding the Costum Family Home mod. We get so little dialog as is. I don't want to loose what little was provided from Bethesda. I hope you understand, that I'm just being carefull. I don't want to make things worst. I really do appriciate you responding and helping. Hopefully there is a solution.
nannyoggins Aug 17, 2014 @ 1:33am 
I do understand really, I'm not going to take a huff if you don't follow my suggestions lol.
Advice is just that "advice". I wish I could help more. My experience with AFT is that, when I married my follower, he was still a follower and didn't have the spouse dialogue but when I dismissed him as a follower he went to our house Lakeview and got all the usual Spouse stuff back. Then when I asked him to follow me again he lost the spouse stuff (no more food! sob) and became a follower again. I can dismiss him and re- hire him as I wish!
Blackkat Aug 17, 2014 @ 2:04am 
I think the problem is that I married my follower during this mod and the wires didn't cross right. First few days I was in love with MFL. Everything was working right. Three Kahjits, two nord warriors. We were some cool cats tearing things up. If we got a little seperated. One shout and they all sponded to my location. Then a couple days later, I divorced one of them. I usaully marry Farkas. But I wanted to try things out with this costum follower. It just wasn't the same. So, I divorced him. Married Farkas. Between the time of the divorce and the remarriage was when the other followers started wondering off and not behaving right. I would call them back. They show up. Said "Let's Go!" or "Follow Me Adventurer". They go right back to wondering off. Maybe they got a lil jealous idk. I tried to get Marriage Mod so we can be one big happy polygimist family. Maybe the damage can't be reversed. I just thought to give it a shot here before giveing up and moving on.
Blackkat Aug 17, 2014 @ 2:16am 
My spouse has all the dialog. He even says " I'll see you back home if you need me." Then he sits right back down in the chair or goes over to the wall and crosses his arms. I tried telling him to go to different vanilla homes. Nothing. If nothing else I will always have him as my follower. I made him essential so he can't die.

I also just remembered that I have Followers Can Relax mod. I'll have to test that out.
Medic 2 Aug 17, 2014 @ 2:56am 
Are you married to Derkeethus? Because he's always been bugged like that, mods or no mods. I use Followers Can Relax to keep him trapped in my home.
Blackkat Aug 17, 2014 @ 3:37am 
I'm married to Farkas. But, I know it is not him. He is my favorite. So, I always marry him. I never had a problem with him before. I tell him we are staying here for awhile. But he wonders off just like the other followers did, when Multiple Followers Lite started acting up.

My theory is Multiple Follower's Light started acting up just before I divorced a different npc. Later I married Farkas (who was also one of my followers). After the ceremony the dialog was there. He asked where do you want to live and I replied "My home in Falkreath.". I fast travel there. Speed time up to two days later. He never shows up. Luckely I have a quest that tells me to ask the Companion Leaders for work. So I was able to track him that way. Found he went right back to the Companion Hall.

Some how MFL messed up that path when I remarried to Farkas. Everything else is correct and fine. I just can't get him to move in w/ me.
Grathagis 7 Aug 17, 2014 @ 4:05am 
Get the Unofficial Patches. Since you don't want them from Nexus, get them elsewhere. See sticky in general discussions.
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