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aaronh0305 Aug 12 @ 1:27pm
Duke Level Editor Wont let me go into 3D MODE!! Why??? Dont know how to download Eduke either?
I have been wanting to make a duke nukem 3d level for some time but i cant seem to get into 3d mode when i press enter on the numberpad. It worked one time and that was it! it wont work anymore? people keep saying to download Eduke32 and Mapster32 but i Do Not Know where to Download it.... I want to be able to share my maps if i make them. Someone Please help!
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AN DARKELVEN SORCERESS!!1 1 Aug 12 @ 3:26pm 
because for some odd reason the build editor included unbinds the 3d/2d mode switch key after you exit it for the first time.
aaronh0305 Aug 13 @ 6:53am 
that is pretty dumb. So i cant go back into 3d mode after using it once??
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