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Judedudemude Aug 10, 2014 @ 1:09am
I am having trouble submitting my idea (it will not let me save/continue)
I am having trouble submitting my idea (it will not let me save/continue)

Kaz: Bloody Good Vampire Story!

You are Kaz the newly risen from the "great beyond" as the new henchman/caretaker (keep a eye on things while he is snoozing during the day keep him safe from vampire hunters as derp they will try to attack during the day while he is asleep) for none other than Count Dracula himself! WHAT AN HONOR INDEED! von ghoulie badass specificly choose your corpse and even hire a famous shaman to bring you back to life. Your life (er, your life after life) is not so grand Count Dracula has quite a few personality quirks like egotistical, narcissist and, hard to please to start with. As you help your new master with outlandish otherdox missions and or quests you will meet other monsters that will either A. join your group B. have some wierd quest for you each more taunting than the last that will shed new light on the monsters you thought you knew!

This game is a 2D side scrolling Third Person Person Platform/RPG/RTS (Think of pokemon gen 1 and all of it's pixel glory)

You fight monsters, plently of weird and unquie boss battles, puzzles to slove, visting town/villages, dugeons, LVing Up, awesome platform powers that you get by playing the story mode!

At it's core it's like a regular platform but have mechanics of a RPG and RTS in it as well for a well blend of 2-3 worlds.

The main idea of the game like most RPGs, you basically take quests/missions while you try to LV up your party.

Like any platfrom games you must jump and run around the getting though the area with monsters around!

When you run in to a monster you are warp to a different area/Battle Arena that is shaped like a circle that follows that area theme/look, there you can run around fight cast magic in the battle area will be different like 100-300 different ones. You do not build anything, you are warp to a 1 of 300 preset battle arena circle that could have nothing to anything with in it's area. Shorty after beginning you start seeing "waves" of monsters you must fight each "wave" with in a certain time before the next one comes at you using the field and your party's skills, fighting styles and, magic to your advantage. Some will have walls other will have moving objects, which brings RTS to the game use this to your advantage in your battles. As you explore the game, you will see very detailed enemy sprites and, upon contact with them, get warped to that "battle arena circle" and before the fight you get a little time before the fight begins. this part of the game is very combat-oriented. your party appears then the first 3-5 monster apear as your party runs around fighting them and or casting magic. after they are defeated anthor 3-5 or so will attack you. you must defeat all the "wave" to win the battle and finally, when you do battle you reaps rewards for it. this is not a turn-based battle style.

As you progress the story you will get unquie items/"power-ups" to allow you get to areas you could not get to before.

There are Side Quests and there are Secret Quests, that will not be mentioned in the game finding them may be more taunting than the actual quest but finnishing them will be WELL WORTH IT!, all the effort that was put in to it.

Each character in your party will have Special Effects and or special conditions" the special conditions will have to be "put it with" until you find the "special character item" . one character is a ghost but a very old ghost but after he gets "father time's pocket watch" he will be able to turn back time to turn him younger when he was super powerful.

Massive very massive online mode with online co-op

With new great weapons ideas one of them is "mystic pepper" in a spray can :I

2D side scrolling third person platform/rpg/rts/sandbox!

Think of "Psychonuats" and "Cronker's bad fur day" and as someone said "a gothic kingdom hearts" with a dash of "Nightmare Before Christmas" rolled up with "Soul Eater".

Kaz Issac Gazzlefoth: he is back in black .... torn butler outfit and a bucket hat with a purple bandana tied on it, standing at 4 1/2 feet tall, a bulbous nose and, no hump on his back. Kaz is quite gratefull that he has anthor shot at life (the mortal plane that we grown acustomed to at least) but he has a loud mouth, sarcastic, fearful of count dracula [owner of the "contract" so he can undo the spell that risen Kaz back from the grave], sadistic but generally kind, now forced into slavery that he wants out of Kaz must help the count any way possible or back in the shallow grave. snice Kaz is up and moving maybe he can find a solution to this problem.

Count Dracula: let's face it all the stories about him you thought you knew ..... were personally respun to favor him as more evil and cool monster. Count Dracula worried about his rep so putting people in a trance to help spread rumors/among other things .... ? about him around to mold his legend, the stories they way he wants it to be like. After centuries of this gave him a huge ego and other personality quirks like narcissism. Count Dracula thinks he is a big star but now requires Kaz help to keep his rep among his personal life in check. telling his stooge to lead the bride of dracula on a wild goose chase and protect from hunters treating her to a late night snack of a few villagers, so the count can have an affair. whom you might ask? YOU'LL SEE! lolz

Countess Hillary Vahvah the wife of the Count. Like the count, the fame has gone to her head, okay think of Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga combined!, that's Hillary Vahvah in a nut shell. She rejected the name "Dracula" after all the years/time the count spends on his fame rather than her own personal needs. shortly after Kaz took her on a wild goose chase, she seems to have a new crush on the new guy in the castle. Hopefully for Kaz the count is not the jealous type! well she lied to Kaz about a few things! Well things will work out for him. osses fingers

Pharaoh Tut: Is a drama queen and is quite knowledgeable on some old fashion magic! maybe he know a way to free Kaz from Count Dracula. Lately Tut has some new emotions that he needs to tells parents .... something very life changing!, something that could tear the very fabic of time and space, something that could easily destroy the enitre world!

Lycan: looks mean but people got this guy all wrong

Puzzle Lok: just wants friends that's all, to hang out with at the mall and did i mention he is a fan of games? yyeeahh let's play some games!

there more to come with characters!

Yes, this will be Rated T or Rated M due to the storyline and content
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Black Blade Aug 10, 2014 @ 1:53am 
Its nice you want to share the idea here, but i think you better find why its not allowing you to save, more then posting the idea here...

Do you get any error? did you fill all what you need to fill? (image title)
Last edited by Black Blade; Aug 10, 2014 @ 1:53am
Judedudemude Aug 10, 2014 @ 1:57am 
I keep clicking on it and wouldnt let save or continue my project that i was working and i manage to to get publish after some time. Problem has resolved itself so this thread can be locked or we can discuss my idea.
Gorlom[Swe] Aug 10, 2014 @ 2:06am 
Why didn't you just make a concept?
Black Blade Aug 10, 2014 @ 2:07am 
Originally posted by Ichabod:
I keep clicking on it and wouldnt let save or continue my project that i was working and i manage to to get publish after some time. Problem has resolved itself so this thread can be locked or we can discuss my idea.
I think you be better to discuss in on your game concept/greenlight page
Judedudemude Aug 10, 2014 @ 2:08am 
Originally posted by GorlomSwe:
Why didn't you just make a concept?
That is what I Tried to do, it keep mesing up and would not let me save/continue posting my concept
Last edited by Judedudemude; Aug 10, 2014 @ 2:09am
Gorlom[Swe] Aug 10, 2014 @ 2:19am 
That you were trying to make a concept on Greenlight didnt really come across imo.
I honestly thought you were haveing issues with the site you linked to.
(you are aware that no user on that page you linked to has the user name "ichabod" right?)

Supposedly some other people have troubles whenever they try to make their concept/greenlgiht page as well. As I understand it it usually resolves itself in a few hours.

What was the point of typing out your whole concept in this thread if you were trying to get help submitting the concept? o.0
All it does is distract from your actuall problem.
Last edited by Gorlom[Swe]; Aug 10, 2014 @ 2:20am
Judedudemude Aug 10, 2014 @ 2:20am 
As stated eariler problem has resolved itself.
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