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BabyCharmander Jul 31, 2014 @ 3:41pm
Need a map maker! NOT an ordinary game!
I've kindof been hesitant to post this, but I needed to do it sooner or later...

I need a map maker. However, the maps will be used in neither a mod nor a PeTI chamber.

I am running a Portal-themed "forum adventure game" (people send suggestions to the characters and I post what the characters do), and I draw illustrations for every post. Currently the story has been taking place in one chamber, which I've built in the in-game editor. If I need to, I'll make other maps on my own for more test chambers.

But there's the problem--the entire game is not going to take place within test chambers, and I have no idea how to build maps with anything other than the in-game editor. (This was lack of foresight in my problem--I'd begun this game before I realized that the in-game editor can only be used to make plain test chambers.)

That's why I need a map maker. I need someone who can build maps for non-testing areas--like the stuff you see in Chapter 5 of Portal 2. I can draw maps on paper to give an idea for what the place needs to look like, but that's about it.

Because the maps are not being made for a typical game, they don't need to be playable (to an extent--I at least need to be able to roam around the map without the thing crashing so I can take screenshots). The areas might not even have to physically connect. They just need to be THERE so I can take screenshots.

I can work out something to give you in return. I am an artist and a writer so I can give you art or fanfic in return, or I could put your fancharacter into the game I'm running, or something. I might even be able to buy you a game. (I cannot PAY you in actual money, however.) I'm willing to work things out.

The game I'm running can be found here: http://birdbirdbirdwheatley.tumblr.com/

If anyone can help me with this, please let me know! Thank you.
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TeamSpen210 18 Aug 1, 2014 @ 1:49am 
The Portal 2 Authoring Tools are very flexible, and would let you create any of the areas in Portal (including any of the characters in really any pose). They're pretty complicated, but I don't think it'd be difficult to learn enough basics to make little set pieces for screenshots. TopHattWaffle has really excellent tutorials, and they're even in Portal 2 as opposed to other source games. Episodes 1,4,5 and 8 would really be most useful for making areas for screenshots, although other tutorials are helpful for actual maps. You'll also want to use instances a lot, as they are basically premade bits of levels that you can put into yours. Place a point_entity, set the class name to "func_instance", and then set the file property to an instance file. The lights/ folder is helpful, as it contains premade lights with the model and good light settings. Feel free to ask me any questions, I'd love to help! (I'm pretty busy myself so I won't be able to actually make maps, but I can help with any problems you encounter.)

You could also check out the Source Filmmaker, it's used to make many videos and might be more useful. (I've never used it, though).
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BabyCharmander Aug 2, 2014 @ 11:59am 
I don't really need the characters--I just draw the characters over the backgrounds. (I like using in-game backgrounds because that's less drawing work for me, it's clearer than a quickly-drawn background, and it means I can post much more quickly.)

Thank you for the tips! I'll see if I can work with the authoring tools a bit on my own. I don't think there's any hope for my learning SFM though--I opened that program once and couldn't make heads or tails of what I was looking at. XD;; (Too bad, because it would be nice to be able to animate with that.)

I'll need to actually plot out the maps first though... something I should've done in the first place. >___>; Wooo, go me, definitely working ahead...
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