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Games de Sweet Dreams
Collection by Sweet Dreams
Джонни Бэйл Collection
Collection by Джонни Бэйл
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Collection by storman2002
Collection by michaelmuller.mc2
Fun Games on the spot, Free to Play fun
Collection by <"Jakeulous">
This collection is about the "Great" games that I prefer Purchasing them and Playing them for long Hours. These Games in my Collection is greatly hand picked and graphically "AMAZED" me for it's status of Development and Publishing... I myself, hope that y
Collection by Not a good desert explorer
my planning
Collection by Lovely angeL
Novidades da hora
Collection by ««Evaldo»»Aries«™
Olá amigos Faço uma demonstração para vocês da minha mais nova aquisição de jogos, que apresenta um estilo único de jogabilidade. E aproveito tambem para mostrar os demais jogos, mais bem elaborados de todos os tempos, e se acharem interessante, comente
huw's Platform Games Collection
Collection by 無餡包子
huw's Platform Games Collection
RPG new approach/concept
Collection by docbarnes
Games that look like they might be pretty good
Collection by Potion
Games that look like they might be pretty good
Dating-sim & Read ADV
Collection by Binco
いくつかパズルやRPG要素のあるタイトルも含む 細分化するとジャンルがいくらあっても足りないので取り敢えず一括り
Collection by Jahor
GhostlyNut's Collection
Collection by ALEXSMART
The stuff I like
Collection by BeelzebubGiltine
sa sa sa sa sa
Collection by BLACK_BLOOD > Do6er.SPB
хз что делаю
The Games choosed by MZ News Blog
Collection by Lord zu Ber
These are some of the awesomest games of Steam Greenlight and we need these games on Steam so vote positive Powered by MZ News Blog
Manga fan
Collection by iRasetsu
These are the games i like the best and no one can change my opinion!
Collection by TalipedCornetGaming
Let's Smoke it up on Steam!
Collection by xBladeSora
A collection that truly captures what I think should come to steam. It'll be awesome and showcase the games and other software that truly belong there.
My Favorites
Collection by YCChen
The best games
Games that I'd like to see
Collection by z3ct0r (kealol)
Winged Cloud (Sakura)
Collection by ArDon99
Collection by GrsnKrll
Sr. Batata F.
Collection by morken772
Aqui provavelmente só vai ser encontrado ou coisas boas ou merdas.
Real Horror Games & Exelents Shooters
Collection by Sacha418
Horror: En mi Colección, me estoy dedicando a colocar UNICAMENTE juegos que sean de un verdadero sentimiento de horror, juegos que te suban por la piel y te hagan sentir el terror. Verdadero Horror! No juegos de Acción. Juegos Multijugador Masivo y Sh
Must GET!!
Collection by Konkeror101
The most anticipated games for me!
Almost 16/32 bits
Collection by marcoshere
Collection by Nora's Company
Collection by ben10chicken
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