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Collection by 「MertCN」
Game For Greenlight
Collection by VeTeRo4ek
Понравившиеся мне игры в GreenLight
Juegos Interesantes
Collection by FUCK.OFF XANCLA
Esta es una colección con juegos indie que más me han gustado, son de acción, aventura, FPS, Plataformas y Casuals. Espero que hos gusten tanto como a mi.
Cogent Education
Collection by Cogent Education
Cogent Education was formed by a group of researchers, educators, and developers at the University of Georgia to design and develop educational simulations and games.
Collection by vkakuii
jogos indes criado po pessoas que criam futuros jogos melhore e so se interesante
Collection by ๋๋๋๋๋๋๋๋๋๋
Projects of common interest
Collection by sayerus
Collection by GCSBNZbacklash
just games
Collection by Anti-Poser
Green LIght
:) :) :) :) :) :)
Collection by Greenlight
80's retro feel
Shepherd recommends
Collection by Shepherd
Лише ігри, що заслуговують уваги, заслуговують бути заміченими з-поміж тонн трешу.
Amazing shit!
Collection by Pengu
Collection by Brokensicario
Dix games
Collection by [SC] Yankee
The Green Mile
Collection by ale no cry :)
Are you serious?
Cool games
Collection by Enurriel #=_-#
Spel och andra saker som jag vill ska till steam
Collection by Aragorn2013swe
Sweet Games
Collection by Ninja_MaGoo22
Awesome collection of games.
Collection by GH ♥
Collection by TAC
D-PAD Delights
Collection by Zelmaricaroid™
Platforming, RPG, Fighting, Metroidvania... All different genres, all 2D and best played with your trusty d-pad! SLS pad not included. :D
Attican's games he thought were interesting
Collection by Attican
just a bunch of random games i thought were interesting and yes i voted for most of them some are released already and some are greenlit and i missed the chance to vote. also you can recommend to me but i will not try and get a review copy of the game or a
Lasse Niermann - Best Greenlight
Collection by Lasse
My Favourite Games in Steam Greenlight
Collection by inferno986return
Games that have either been Greenlit or hopefully will get Greenlit. These games haven't hit the Steam storefront yet, but I look forward to them reaching there. :-)
Intressanta Greenlight-spel
Collection by acrylamid
Detta är min personliga samling av intressanta Greenlight spel.
Interesting & Good Greenlit Games
Collection by [TFK] General Grim
These games are upcoming and well done, interesting in their own ways and have alot of opportunity.
nice horror games
Collection by Un3xist
Some horror games from greenlight that i like :) Feel free to recomed your games. Will check them all ! Cheers !
Gaming Vizonboy's Group
Collection by DramaBoyz
Hello,zmy Name is Gaming vizonboy Im a Youtuber and I do gamplays it Will be nice To be my friend But anyway.Wassup My youtube Channel Link is Peace OUT! Comrades.
Four Avatars Team! Earth-Water-Air-Fire
Collection by Black Rose
Gigantically Alliance Freedom Earth!!!!!! Four Avatars together in an era namely now (Deleteds Names of Avatars)
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