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Indie fan (german)
Collection by: ClusterZ GAMES
dies ist eine kollektion von Indie spielen die es verdient haben auf steam realesd zu werden (meine rechtschreibung ist super)
Collection by: Sparky Games
Fun Games
Collection by: ImMindMaster
Collection by: chingis
Různé nezařazené
Collection by: ChatniAeon
Různé nezařazené věci.
Comprar assim que lançar
Collection by: [YT] JTNGames1
Jogos que vou comprar
Greelight Games
Collection by: ColRobHoward
My picks for Greenlight.
Классные игры
Collection by: ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀
Collection by: CoffeeZombie
Jeux indés sympa
Collection by: Zak
Green Light
Collection by: Lawrencium² (Lagtop)
Collection by: yamadarac
mmmmm just for me?
Juegos de Futuresco Games
Collection by: FuturescoGames
Juegos de Futuresco Games
Coleção de Jogos Favoritos
Collection by: CreepGhost
Este é uma Coleção de jogos favoritos onde eu ponho todos os jogos que adoro onde voces podem escolher o que preferem
just for fun
Collection by: GTS_Headcrusher
i have no idea what im doing
Adventure Collection
Collection by: Aikatara
Focus on Mystery- and Detective-Adventures and Point-and-Click-Adventures
Greeb Light
Collection by: Reece Mallender
Collection by: The Stromboli Sultan
Stuff dat look cool yo
Greenlight Collection
Collection by: Xerromace
What I do find cool form greenlight
Kickstarter Projects Backed
Collection by: half-nelson
Kickstarter Projects Backed
Collection by: mlaborem
Herramientas de medición de performance y benchmarkings. Test y pruebas.
GreenLight Games
Collection by: Lithian
So fun, you should fund it!
Collection by: VariA
This is a collection of games that I believe have potential to appear on Steam. Although "fun" is subjective, just take your time to check these out. Some of these might have already been funded on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, etc., but just keep your eye out ...
Stuff I want
Collection by: Elliot Moose is on the Loose
Tenho que JoGaR
Collection by: TheSanYt
Collection by: blueangleshock
To Buy
Collection by: amator
God Games and Strategy
Collection by: Lord Huscarl
A collection of God Games and build 'em up strategy.
GL multiplayer
Collection by: Alucard86
Likable games
The best game ever
Collection by: Rockl13
This are some of the games that i want to support.
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