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Collection by clove123
Collection by DC|SupermaReaves.G2A
Reddit GameDevelopers' Collection
Collection by xSythe
Games made by developers on /r/gamedev, so, basically, games with tons of potential that should be greenlit.
Collection by Henry Chinaski
Eve Online Alternative
Collection by Chris
An alternative to the award winning Eve Online if you're more into land combat.
Historical Games
Collection by Sicario
This is a Historical game collection. it has to be about the worlds history in wars like revolutionary war,ww2, Total war series. please help me get this collection up and running.
Favourite games
Collection by Shapaka
Carnada17's awesome collection
Collection by Carnada17
Greenlit wishlist
Collection by slowly_over
Greenlit games that have my attention
Visual Novel Collection
Collection by Team Kurisu
A collection of visual novels.
Collection by Apeeatape
All cool metroidvanias
Juegos Interesantes
Collection by Demond95
Collection by Heavy Sabre Dance
Mine new collection for greenlight with nice games :D I like workshop and greenlight becuse u can rate item or game
Collection by Macho!◥◣
My Greenlight Collection
Collection by Rhide Keep
Greenlight Collection
Collection by 3rr0r
Greenlight Collection
RPGs I want on Steam
Collection by manafaerie
very best of
Collection by TigerWespe
Nexar's GL Collection
Collection by The Real Nexar
My Collection Will be all Survival, Horror, Zombie and FPS Games.
Chopstick Try Hard's favorites
Collection by Rubik's "Bacon" Cuber
My favorite Steam games!
Titles I want
Collection by Old_Man_Leisure
Really Really Want
Collection by DarkestLite™
I, uh, want these p. badly.
Collection by Pulguento89
Para comprar
Collection by koldo_gontzal
Juegos que compraré agusto cuando salgan a la centa
Collection by BrotherLewis
Wishlist to play in future
Collection by --REVENANT--
I just want to Share what games I needed it most in playing onlines games
GreN Grenlingh
Collection by GreN
HOLA AMIGOS Mi apodo es GreN
Neu o:
Collection by Kurwa Sniper
A waiting Greenlight Games
Collection by v4victory501
Waiting for the light to change
Steam Greenlight
Collection by BIRO BIRO
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