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Games that look interesting
Nothing really just games that look interesting or cool to me.
Because it is possible!
Collection by: :D
t was possible so i did :D
Greenlight collection
Collection by: Goham
No damn idea
Collection by: Havbaba [Just us]
Games I'd like to play on Steam
Collection by: Izzadore21
Just a collection of the games I've voted for, nothing special.
Awesome Games~
Collection by: TheHumanCat
mmmmm games
Collection by: Karhs
mmmmmmmmmm games
Games I like/want
Collection by: Gold Link The Weeaboo
oh nos the squid got out xnsojbidvbwkjbvwhvdv bvuibgvobduvwvwlvebiviweb
Leo's Greenstuff....
Collection by: Lee-Yoh
Matt's Collection
Collection by: ForgedGhost
Just a collection of what I am interested in.
Green Fishy
Collection by: Sciaenops Ocellatus
A collection of amazing aquatic games that need your help to get onto Steam, brought to you by "Something's Fishy!" "Something's Fishy" Website: "Something's Fishy" Steam Group:
Collection by: James
Compilation of games I like
Collection by: The4sakend
A game collection that destroys a player of how mind blowing awesome thees games are! If you disagree,well then go cry about it somewhere else cuz this is my fave game collection and I stand for those games,here and now!
Quite Interesting Games
Collection by: Osyrhia
Just a collection of games that either Appeal or happen to like.
Collection by: Getkillalot
stuff that i like or i might want to play
Collection by: davidwang901
The Best Games
Collection by: ¤ FiuRy ¤
Shooter, Zombie, Adventure, Terror,Indie,Famous,
Team 03
Collection by: Doggy
Voidkit's collection
Collection by: CZanni
Just games i like
Collection by: Smokey McBongwater
Collection by: gp6865
my youxi
Collection by: Mucsohead
free to play worth to play
Collection by: Fidget
Interesting Games
Collection by: Deatux Daviant
Just some games id like to try out if ever possible :P
Collection by: IIvII
Nothing soo interesting..:)
Special Collection
Collection by: juju.island
Collection of the best game I've ever played.
Ultimate Green light Favorites.
Collection by: Reboot
This collection brings games that I'd like to enjoy further and wish to be on steam!
Games I want k
Collection by: Smashus
Games I want k
Collection by: heheman
IDK its fun
Roguelikes and/or RPGs
Collection by: McNuggets
Uma checklist apenas
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