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My games
Collection by jurhill
Hızlı ve Öfkeli Murro
Collection by omer_mjr
İlginç olan ismi
Collection by Lonely Demon
Collection by ahmet_severler_44
Oyunların Koleksiyonu
Open World
Collection by B( . )( . )Bs
Interesting, intriguing and creatively sound. In other words amazing! or has much potential.
Affaire à suivre
Collection by Matardarix
My Collection
Collection by matthewfisher42
My basic collection of items on Steam. This may be considered similar to the Favorites playlist on YouTube.
Collection by KatonicMiss
Games with a scifi theme.
Collection by ob-art
My collection of favorite cover icons
Apostas Ricco
Collection by Ricco
Já joguei e gostei ou me pareceu interessante.
Asia developer
Collection by Rock
Collect the developers in Asia.
Superior Cat Looks forward to these games
Collection by
These games require some thought! Not the usual reaction-based stuff.
Ops card
Collection by LePingouin
Ops card et un jeu a monde ouvert avec minimap indice de recherche changement d'armes avec la roulette de la souris DLC Prenium et autre seront inclus . Introduction Vous incarnet John Ripeur un ancien millitère envoyer dans une mission tres special
Things I like
Collection by MeltyBagle
Ohai there. Anyways this is a few of the games I like :D
Nice free games
Collection by SO-DIMM
These are FREE games that I thought were awesome!
This1Noob's Collection
Collection by This1Noob
Awesome Game Collection!!
Collection by GTORules
This Collection is Awesome! These Game Should So be In Steam!
Anime/Cartoon Games
Collection by SBBen0o
While looking around Greenlight, I noticed I liked a lot of the games with an anime and cartoon art style so I put it in a collection.
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