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Relax Games
Collection by EternalPenguin
These are easy games that I can play but not stress over.
Hard ; j
Collection by Nikola Tesla
10 years Memento
Collection by HolyLeaf
For waiting ~ 一段灿烂的回忆,一个冬日的故事 ~
Collection by Kominist_in_ce_n4!
Collection by * BlackSunEmpire *
Collection by BaKED SNakE
maybe I'll buy
Collection by 6 size
Creative Games
Collection by Cody Abode
Games featuring a building, design and/or creative element.
Games with Potential
Collection by hmhmm
games that are different/interesting
looks awesome
Collection by Graveshadow
Death's Corridor
Collection by Joe Taker
-Under Construction-
Expansive Enviroments
Collection by ryangadz
Expansive almost surreal enviroments that tell a story with one screen shot.
Collection by BadAndMad
Nick and Poul
Collection by Zooq -Wanjima
english: we are looking for different games in the greenlight, and we want to give them a chance to appear in the steam but this is only possible with the aid of your so we ask you to join and post these games русский:мы ищем разные игры в зеленый свет
Collection by живём один раз <3 Карина
коллекция только топовых игр ин за ворлд !
Luce Verde
Collection by Stefano Giorgieschi
Steam Worthy
Collection by Dr.Mantis Toboggan M.D.
Just a few games I deem worthy of being part of Steam, I'm a picky person to satisfy so the selection should be interesting
Seems Legit
Collection by PaulYSE
This collection is simply games that i've shown interest in. SEEMS LEGIT
YouTube Random Game series
Collection by Lladdwr
This is the collection of games I play in my Random Game of the Week series on my YouTube channel.
prtcle :: interesting ::
Collection by O_____o
my interests
All Types of Look-like-Fun-Games!^^
Collection by gomoraner
A small List of different Games which should get a chance!
Interesting stuff
Collection by Joha
Collection by noglues
(( aether ))
Collection by 𝐌𝐈𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐋
how could i feel so-so ; when i feel like a little honey can roll?
Eyes On
Collection by Rozei
Games that i personally think have a chance.
Cool New Promises!
Collection by RWKT
Indie Games That I THINK Are Worth Looking InTo And Playing On Steam.
Collection by DC* کg┼_┼riGg乇Ʀ
good luck
Collection by iomtalach
The Effec
Collection by αποτελεσματικότη
the best/ lo mejor
Good well thought out games that I like
Collection by Manwithgun
I made a collection! Look at it, bask in it's glory! My favorite game in this collection is Black Mesa. You should add it to a collection like I did. This is the fifth sentance, probably. I learned about these games on the internet, which is a
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