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Xenoblade Mods
Collection by jimbilljohn
This mod contains my Xenoblade civilizations and other content.
Mods for Ryan, Brandon, Kyle and myself
Collection by RedFold_
Overlord_C's Golden Age Modpack
Collection by Overlord_C
Here is a collection of civilizations that were either short lived or never became a truly great nation. Now is the time to shine and relive the glory days.
No Game No Life
Collection by CHNLYF
Light in the East Civilizations
Collection by regalmanemperor
A collection of Civlizations made by Light in the East
Kobby's Recommended Mod Pack
Collection by Kobby
Just a pack I will use for playing with friends. The main idea is to not radically alter core gameplay.
Mods for days.
Collection by Cian
Dragon Age Mod Project
Collection by DoktorApplejuce
Hello, all! Welcome to the Dragon Age Mod Project; an endeavor of mine to create each of the nations of Bioware's Dragon Age universe as their own custom civilizations. This will include the Dwarven Kingdoms, the Dalish, Elvehnan, the Qunari, and the Avva...
2077: The Great War
Collection by Vault-Tec Personal Wombat
Collection of mods that'll help you create your very own Great War and Post War Wasteland in Civ V! Using Y(N)AEMP for true starting locations, the Atomic Era research limiter, numerous Cold War / WWII era units, weapons, and buildings, you'll be able ...
The New World Civilizations
Collection by Octoski
A collection of my favorite North and South American Civilizations.
Civilization 5 Borderlands civilizations Collections
Collection by shadowevil1996
A collections of mods that I make which happen to be related to Borderlands 2.
Wonders of the Atomic Age
Collection by Baron Konigsten von Pincier
These mods represent the wonder that is the early Atomic Age- when the great powers of the Second World War devoted unbelievable time, resources and manpower to the production of the most terrible weapons the world had ever seen. The Wonders included h...
Fallout Collection
Collection by Ryan Parsons
This a collection containing all finished Fallout based mods for Civilization that are created by Ryan Parsons
Historical City Names
Collection by Zorgulon
A collection of mods that improve the in-game city names used by various civs to make them more historical and authentic. The mods were all at various places and authors in the workshop, so I thought I'd group them into one easy collection. I obviously ta...
A Mod of Thrones
Collection by IlMatteo
My own take on creating civilizations based upon George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. Soon to come: - Wildlings (Mance) - Night's Watch (Jeor Mormont) Coming later: - House Arryn (Lysa) - House Tully (Edmure) - War of the 5 Kings...
Calypso's Colored Religious Icons
Collection by Calypso
An ongoing project to introduce some vibrance to the religious icons of Civilization V Gods & Kings and Civilization V Brave New World, meant for the user weary of the plain white vanilla icons, or those who just want to liven things up a bit. Subsribers ...
MTG Guilds
Collection by Lt. SpreadEm
Ever wanted to play the MTG guilds in civ 5? Well heres your chance! NOTE! DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE A SAVED GAME Currently, ALL THE GUILDS work perfectly, when you or the AI are playing them. It would mean a lot to me if anybody can pos...
More Civilisations' civs
Collection by Pouakai
"I saw our people spreading throughout the land and across the oceans, expanding our kingdom, discovering new people and great riches in faraway lands" A collection of the civs produced by the More Civilisations project, including packs which split up ...
Balances and fixes
Collection by mikeburnfire
Tweaks, fixes, and balances to make weak civs strong and enhance the base game experience. No new civilizations or radically different gameplay.
What A Time It Was: Civilizations That Could Have Been
Collection by Kramer
Short-lived or hypothetical Civilizations, lost to the sands of time and the winds of change, created entirely or in part by Kramer (AKA Sasquatch). So far: Republic of Rhodesia Republic of Texas The Boers California Confederate States of America...
Pirates of the Carribean!
Collection by kingchris20
I saw this custom map from Mouchame and though wow, that would go pretty good with my Pirate Civilization! And throw in America, England, Spain, Netherlands, and France, and you'll have yourself a real 1700s Pirate showdown in the Caribbean!
Civilizations, Great and Small
Collection by ryanjames
Hoi there small fry! I am but a simple Civilisation V (I am deliberately spelling it with an S) modder from the Isle of Man, a wondrous place that you have definitely heard of. I aim to do exactly what the title suggests, add civilisations from a va...
Vice Virtuoso's Metal Gear Solid Civilizations
Collection by Vice Virtuoso
Adds Civilizations from Konami's Metal Gear Solid series.
Resource Expansion Collection
Collection by Glacierheart
Adds 75 new Resources to the game through the World Builder! ~New Resources~ -Blue Crab -King Crab -Stone Crab -Grey Whale -Blue Whale -Humpback Whale -Tropical Fish -Marlin -Great White Shark -Tuna -Dolphin -Squid -Bass ...
Middle Earth Maps
Collection by [SSU]yenyang
This is a collection of maps of Middle Earth that can be used along side my mod Middle Earth Civilizations. There are a few others, but they include scenarios involving firaxis civs. Eventually I hope to make my own with TSL. If you like the collection...
Tomatekh's Historical Religion Mods
Collection by Tomatekh
Various mods which add historical flavor to the religion system. These mods require you to have either the Gods & Kings or the Brave New World expansions. - Great Prophet Historical Names - Historical Religions - Historical Religions Edit - His...
Murphy's Modern Middle East Collection
Collection by Murphy
Contains a collection of my modern Middle East related mods. Enjoy ; ) A big thank you to Kelnahas for making the great Steam images for my civs, and to Davey_Henninger for making most of the mod's artwork. Check out their mods too.
States of the US
Collection by calcul8or
Play as your favorite state (or, against your least favorite)! A collection of the mods I've created casting US states as civilizations.
JFD's Civilisations
Collection by JFD
Official Middle Earth Civilizations Collection
Collection by [SSU]yenyang
A collection of mods that bring the civilizations from the Lord of the Rings into Civ 5 while staying true to the game of Civ. There is also a link to regalmanemperor's LOTR wonders and a link to another collection that I made of Middle Earth Maps by othe...
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