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Maps, Scenarios, Interface, and so much more. Explore the modding world of Civ V, and when you’re ready, download the SDK to create and upload your own.
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Для друзей (For Friends)
Collection by: KurLao
Для друзей что поиграть со мной собрались пару вечеров сим летом(осенью, весной, зимой). П.С. Коль появится желанье мир игры сменить то меняй...
Sid Meier's Civilization V
Collection by: Azakuar
Conjunto de Mods para melhorar o jogo.
Civ 5 Add-Ons
Collection by: berboys9800
More Civs
Collection by: Lenin RedHammer
Multiplayer Collection
Collection by: Gimly_d
Piccolo's Perfect Mods
Collection by: wesleys_domination
Collection of all the essential mods of civ5 (BNW ONLY!!!)
What A Time It Was: Civilizations That Could Have Been
Collection by: Kramer
Short-lived or hypothetical Civilizations, lost to the sands of time and the winds of change, created entirely or in part by Kramer (AKA Sasquatch). So far: Republic of Rhodesia Republic of Texas The Boers COMING SOON: Republic of Yucatan Cali...
Hokath's Buffs
Collection by: Hokath
Characterised by having absolutely no sophistication whatsoever
Native American Culture
Collection by: Faustaud
A collection of Native American themed mods.
Civ5 BNW Mods Collection
Collection by: CleverAdvisor
My current set up for BNW. Make sure to delete the UI folder in the Corporations Mod folder or you will get diplomacy errors. Also City State Dimplomacy updated so it's not compatable with CIV4 diplomacy mod. You need to use this link for the mod http://f...
thecrazyscotsman's Utility Collection
Collection by: thecrazyscotsman
This collection is for all of my miscellaneous utility mods. ------------------------------------------------ FAQ Q. Do these support multiplayer? A. Not at this time. You may be able to make them work with Network Multiplayer as I have enabled th...
Super-Civilizations (Brave New World)
Collection by: lordnequam
A selection of custom super-civilizations that work with the Brave New World expansion. Currently includes: - The Ancients: Across-the-board powerful, with a focus on Wonders - The Artificers: Focused on mechanical units - The Eugenicists: Focused o...
Touhou Civilizations
Collection by: Dustbag
Touhou character civilization addons to Civilizaition 5. - A great collection I personally favor. Feel free to use it as well. Most require Gods + Kings or Brave New World to function. Credits go to all creators of the individual civilizations and ar...
City State Leaders Collection
Collection by: Nutzzz
City States Leaders, variations, and supported mods
New and Enhanced Buildings
Collection by: thecrazyscotsman
This collects my building mods, all of which are designed to be compatible and complementary to each other. --------------------------- FAQ Q. Do these support multiplayer? A. Not at this time. You may be able to make them work with Network Multipla...
Resource Expansion Collection
Collection by: Glacierheart
Adds 75 new Resources to the game through the World Builder! ~New Resources~ -Blue Crab -King Crab -Stone Crab -Grey Whale -Blue Whale -Humpback Whale -Tropical Fish -Marlin -Great White Shark -Tuna -Dolphin -Squid -Bass ...
Tomatekh's New Civilizations
Collection by: Tomatekh
The various new civilization mods made by Tomatekh for Civilization V: Gods and Kings and Brave New World. All civs supported by the Historical Religions and Expanded Civlopedia mods and internally support YnAEMP. forum discussion: ...
Vice Virtuoso's Metal Gear Solid Civilizations
Collection by: Vice Virtuoso
Adds Civilizations from Konami's Metal Gear Solid series.
Super-Civilizations (Gods & Kings)
Collection by: lordnequam
A collection of super-civilizations I've made. Currently includes: - The Ancients: Across-the-board powerful, with a focus on Wonders - The Artificers: Focused on mechanical units - The Eugenicists: Focused on biological units
Epic's Heroes Collection (for BNW and GK)
Collection by: epic
This Collection contains two MODs featured on Heroes. The Heroes of Might and Wisdom MOD add 3 Heroes units for each Civilization and you can unlock more Heroes by completing world Wonders. This MOD is Extendable, other MOD of new Civilizations or Wond...
Abya Yala: Native American Civilizations
Collection by: Leugi
Native American Civilization Mods, from South to North! (Well, North, not yet, but it will come I swear) The civilizations chosen here also feature Music, and custom Art, attempting to feel as official as possible. Enjoy!
Communitas Expansion Pack
Collection by: Thalassicus
Civ V: Communitas is a community-made expansion pack for Civilization V: BNW. We started this project because we believe Civilization is a fantastic game, and we aim to perfect it while remaining as close to the core experience as possible. We think ga...
Bloublou's "Eras" Collection
Collection by: BlouBlou
___________________________________________________________________________ This collection regroups all my "Eras" Mods. These mods are made to block Era progress at specific points chosen by users and tries to adress different issue regarding Era b...
Revolution modpack
Collection by: Gedemon
This collection groups all mods required for the Revolution component.
Tomatekh's Historical Religion Mods
Collection by: Tomatekh
Various mods which add historical flavor to the religion system. These mods require you to have either the Gods & Kings or the Brave New World expansions. -Great Prophet Historical Names -Historical Religions -Historical Religions Edit -Chris...
A Mod of Ice and Fire
Collection by: VirtuaBoza
This is where you can find both versions of A Mod of Ice and Fire for Civilization V.
JFD's Civilisations
Collection by: JFD
The Elder Scrolls in Civilization V
Collection by: kingchris20
A collection to put anything and everything Elder Scrolls in one place! If you are choosing an Elder Scrolls Civilization Pack, make sure to only pick 1 of the 3 (depending on what DLC you have purchased).
Vice Virtuoso's Madoka Magica Civilizations
Collection by: Vice Virtuoso
Adds Civilizations and other small game features from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Additional Civilizations for BNW
Collection by: davey_henninger
All the civilizations so far made by me for Brave New World (except Yugoslavia). Civfanatics thread: Upcoming civilizations (already available on above thread): Macedonia, The Seljuqs, The Sasani...
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