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KuKu's OCD mods
Collection by 雅蠛蝶
The plan is to make a set of mods for fun and to feed my OCD needs
The New World Civilizations
Collection by Octoski
A collection of my favorite North and South American Civilizations.
Collection by Alpha-Omega
1 cup elder scrolls races 1/4 weird sciece races 2 cups fixes 3 cups weird monuments 2 cups mythos fish Bake at 9001 C* for 20 years let stand until cthulu rises Bask in the Radioactive glow
Collection by Hrček (SLO)
Collection by Hrček (SLO)
Fantastic Civilizations and Religions
Collection by Hrček (SLO)
My ebin memes
Collection by Pepe
My collection of dank meme maps
Wonders of Ice and Fire
Collection by reedstilt
Civilizations, Great and Small
Collection by ryanjames
Hoi there small fry! I am but a simple Civilisation V (I am deliberately spelling it with an S) modder from the Isle of Man, a wondrous place that you have definitely heard of. I aim to do exactly what the title suggests, add civilisations from a va...
What A Time It Was: Civilizations That Could Have Been
Collection by Kramer
Short-lived or hypothetical Civilizations, lost to the sands of time and the winds of change, created entirely or in part by Kramer (AKA Sasquatch). So far: Republic of Rhodesia Republic of Texas The Boers California Confederate States of America...
More Civilisations' civs
Collection by Pouakai
"I saw our people spreading throughout the land and across the oceans, expanding our kingdom, discovering new people and great riches in faraway lands" A collection of the civs produced by the More Civilisations project, including packs which split up ...
Hyperdimension Neptunia All-In-One Pack
Collection by Mogarane
All the Hyperdimenision Neptunia mods Bundled in to one! (Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk.2 and Victory Maps made by Mogarane Everything below requires Brave New World (Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk.2) Neptune made by Mogarane (Hyperdimension Neptunia M...
A Mod of Thrones
Collection by IlMatteo
My own take on creating civilizations based upon George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. Soon to come: - House Baratheon (Renly) - Balance for House Stark and House Lannister Coming later: - House Stark (Robb) - House Baratheon (Joff...
Balances and fixes
Collection by mikeburnfire
Tweaks, fixes, and balances to make weak civs strong and enhance the base game experience. No new civilizations or radically different gameplay.
Mechanized Infantry with soldiers mods
Collection by Tidal Resonance
A collection of mods that change the unit art on Mechanized Infantry to inlcude four soldiers and two vehicles. These mods are compatible with the R.E.D. mod.
Dynasty Warriors / Romance of the Three Kingdoms Civs
Collection by Trofflesby
All DW/RotK civs
The Official /r/civ AI Domination Game Pack
Collection by Colonialist Legacies | TPangolin
The mods being used in the Official /r/civ AI Domination Game
Official Middle Earth Civilizations Collection
Collection by [SSU]yenyang
A collection of mods that bring the civilizations from the Lord of the Rings into Civ 5 while staying true to the game of Civ. There is also a link to regalmanemperor's LOTR wonders and a link to another collection that I made of Middle Earth Maps by othe...
JFD's Civilisations
Collection by JFD
Bloublou's "Eras" Collection
Collection by BlouBlou
___________________________________________________________________________ This collection regroups all my "Eras" Mods. These mods are made to block Era progress at specific points chosen by users and tries to adress different issue regarding Era b...
Machiavelli's modular mods (BNW)
Collection by Machiavelli
Each mod makes significant high-quality changes to a specific part of the Civilization experience. The mods are designed to work both individually and in tandem. Play with the mods that interest you, combine them with other mods you enjoy, craft your pe...
Civ 5 By PITG
Collection by Pane In The Glass
Mods for Civilization 5, created by Pane In The Glass, or collaboratives. They are all compatable with each other.
Maps and Scenarios
Collection by Gerakul
Civilizations V: Gods of Gielinor
Collection by Game-Fanatic 200X
LS Civilizations
Collection by Teddyk
Historical, pre-napoleonic, region diversified Civilizations with unique gameplay. Requires GK and BNW. Civfanatics Thread with alternative download and some other stuff: FAQ: Is there a way ...
R.E.D. Modpack & Add-on
Collection by Gedemon
A collection of mods related to R.E.D. Modpack (Ethnic Diversity)
A Mod of Ice and Fire
Collection by VirtuaBoza
This is where you can find both versions of A Mod of Ice and Fire for Civilization V.
Brony mods
Collection by Harald B
Distinct lack of pony? Not anymore! (image: Ponylization by GSphere [ ])
Communitas Expansion Pack
Collection by Thalassicus
Civ V: Communitas is a community-made expansion pack for Civilization V: BNW. We started this project because we believe Civilization is a fantastic game, and we aim to perfect it while remaining as close to the core experience as possible. We think ga...
Collection by Gedemon
R.E.D. WWII Edition and R.E.D. WWII Data Files can't be used separatly. Those mods are a total Conversion Wargame, featuring multiple WWII scenarios with hundreds of units. Troubleshooting, feedback, bug reports & detailled informations ============...
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