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Collection by tiny0mushroom
To Buy List
Collection by StubbornGab
Must-Purchases for my Mac
Games That Aren't Revelations 2012
Collection by Tiny Pantless Onee-san
These games aren't Revelations 2012. Any game not on this list is Revelations 2012.
Awsome Games
Collection by skavery
What Elsword does on his free time...
Collection by Eurodrake
Come and see the games that Elsword likes to play when he has some downtime.
My Favorites
Collection by BBAdam
This is a collection of my favorite
It's Indie Darling
Collection by Dual Good
This is an unpretentious list of decent indie games...
Green-Light Game
Collection by ScottBailwy1
This is where i keep my fun green-light games that i think should be released to everyone!
Collection by ComicallyFamous
Games that I would like to get
Collection by Fazzaxe
izi brizi
Collection by //Giz[A]
my fucking colection /
Greenlight Collections
Collection by Savoll
Collection by midgetman2456
gamer 92
Collection by Iceman the Agitator
Action bin
Collection by aced4evr
this thing is for action games
Greenlight Pixels
Collection by E-D1
This collection IS full of the best games (my opinion) If you dissaprove my logic, show it in the comments and leave what you want me to add, thank you hamsters, see you later!
Collection by Frustrator
Collection by TooBigPingas
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