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Till's Top Greenlight Titles
Collection by: Jelly Joker
Prizmatronic Collection
Collection by: Ekskafeas
Only the best!!!
Cool Games
Collection by: NT | Ciprian
Greenlight Pixels
Collection by: Pixel_Frenzy
This collection IS full of the best games (my opinion) If you dissaprove my logic, show it in the comments and leave what you want me to add, thank you hamsters, see you later!
Collection by: PsychedelicJimma
a series of fun little mini-games, that will increase your procrastinating powers, and make sure you have fun, in those moments, when you just need to kill time. i think that these games will be great in the future, but not without your support
Action bin
Collection by: aced4evr
this thing is for action games
Awesomely Random Games
Collection by: Twisted_sloth
Random Games i want
8 bits
Collection by: xX__fedora the explorer__Xx
Looking Forward Too
Collection by: Mr.Bish
Good things come to thoughs who wait.
Collection by: BierLKW
2d pixel games
Collection by: Cpt. Zamolxe
Villain's Favorites
Collection by: Villain
Just the games that I have seen and think are worthy of being on steam.
gamer 92
Collection by: Iceman the Agitator
Green-Light Game
Collection by: Scott_The_NInjaneer
This is where i keep my fun green-light games that i think should be released to everyone!
Roguelike + sandbox + RPG + awesome stuff
Collection by: Shustrik
Rogue-like, rpg, sandbox and similar games. Best of the best
Awsome games
Collection by: Percius
Collection by: pug master
random games [all genres
Local (couch) multiplayer
Collection by: Brad
Indie Games Searchlight's Greenlight Gumbo
Collection by: ADDatWork
Indie Games Searchlight is a YouTube series all about showing interesting and engaging Indie Games. This is stuff I've played, reviewed, previewed, or would love to see on steam! Note: No actual gumbo I'm hungry...
Pedobear fun box :D
Collection by: |-Style-| Wood toaster █ ▆ ▅ ▃
Ma sélec Canard PC
Collection by: Lau/Jvbib - ><(((°>
Ma propre sélection parmi la sélection CPC.
Collection by: Coming In Hot
My general collection
my first one
Collection by: meatboy
this is my collection of games
Games that NEED to be on Steam
Collection by: rainbowsnivy
A collection of games which I believe should be put on Steam ASAP.
Hilarious Games
Collection by: Syrsly
Funny game ideas.
grenlight games
Collection by: termi8tor
just games off green light not mine but there great
Collection by: ryandremer
Collection by: Gnarb
Stuff I Like
Collection by: Church147
awesome games
Collection by: Killerfist
games i would like too try out :)
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