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GreenLight Stuff
Collection by Vikutaurus
Dude Idk
Interesting Concepts
Collection by IvanKinkle
A Era de Ouro dos Indies
Collection by NickBRCM
Os jogos Indies mais criativos da geração.
Collection by Kostas
Collection by Dopolan
Все игры серии Half-Life и дополнение.
Collection by SergioLibra13
Articulos de generos terrorificos
Horror Games
Collection by SharpShot.gif
Here is a list of games I think are the most amazing looking.
Horror Games
Collection by phantomling
I love horror games. Putting these aside for later ~
Horror Games
Collection by Maya
Spooky Time >:)
GreenLight Wants
Collection by PinkyBones
Just my personal GreenLight Wants list.
Take My Money
Collection by Dannihilator
These games need to already have taken my money and be released.
Collection by funkyfreshpots
Games that mean alot to me.
Collection by ayo
Böngéssz a játéknapló kedvenceiből!
Greenlight Creative
Collection by NGNL | Seigo (勝利)
Interested in playing.
Collection by Brob
Top Greenlit Games
Collection by Fantasy
These are my personal favourite Greenlit games.
Collection by Alexdro
Juegos de accion
Collection by /) L I E N K I Y
Collection by BreadLoaf
Greenlight stuff
Fun Games on the spot, Free to Play fun
Collection by Jakeulous
This collection is about the "Great" games that I prefer Purchasing them and Playing them for long Hours. These Games in my Collection is greatly hand picked and graphically "AMAZED" me for it's status of Development and Publishing... I myself, hope that y
games i'm waiting for
Collection by red elgyem medabot pyro
waiting for them
Collection by ZaGaMonster ™
Bacause the Survival Horror is not dead..! Games That deserve to be on Steam
my fav games
Collection by Lion Of Judah
horror,simulatoin,pretty much all games
Insane Horror
Collection by just got WickiD
These are horror games that I and many others would like to play or see more of. I NEED to play games like this.
Awesome Games
Collection by GodLikeReaper
Proyectos de juegos que esperamos :D
Collection by Chriss
Legit games
Collection by E-Hung
An assessment of the quality games on steam greenlight. You will find only the most legit in this collection.
Greenlight collection
Collection by SandPuppy
Just a random collection
The Best Games
Collection by ¤ FiuRy ¤
Shooter, Zombie, Adventure, Terror,Indie,Famous,
good games
Collection by Ark
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