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Containing item: "GunZ 2: The Second Duel"
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Collection by: SerXZ
Collection by: Blueboy87
Karmac's Greenlight Collection
Collection by: Karmac
I selected these games because of their attractive premise, design and concept; games that are actually viable to be on the official Steam store.
Opium Pulses Picks
Collection by: SlipSlot
This is a collection of greenlight titles picked by the Opium Pulses gaming community. Our selection is picked based on games from developers who have worked directly with Opium Pulses or personal favourites of members of our community. This list wi...
Collection by: TAC
My Greenlight picks
My Collection - Greenlight Games
Collection by: qtamir1
I am trying to collect the best games that should be on steam or the best games that are already on steam so it is kind of a mix... Enjoy and you are welcome to offer me games to add.
★Best Games★
Collection by: ♥Vanessa Edits♥
Alguns Jogos
Collection by: Taic
Collection of 0zz's favorites
Collection by: Ozzi
My collection of greenlight games I'm looking forward to or already have and recommend to others.
Gunz 2
Collection by: rafaelarrais
Gunz 2
The Best of Greenlight
Collection by: FrankZxD
O Melhor, dos Melhores!!!!!
Collection by: 9000cody
Favorite games
KAZ Collection
Collection by: KAZ_GAME3R
تجميعاتي من ستيم
Collection by: Charcoal
Grimm Fairy Tail
Collection by: SSJ5 Gogeta
THE games
Collection by: alwayzb0n3z
This collection holds THE most anticipated games of all time!
Greenlight Koreans
Collection by: Arisae
Game of the created by korean creators.
Collection by: fasleader
Coleção com títulos interessantes. Collection with interesting titles.
Steam Greenlight & Concepts Collection
Collection by: KING
A massive collection of the best Steam Greenlight & Concept games on Steam!
Collection by: H3LLxR4Z3R
This collection is an extesive list of the games that (in my opinion) are the most promising to be great indie titles. I've carefully combed through ALL of the Greenlight games up to 5:44 PM 7 Nov. 2013 and MORE will be added to this collection soon.
Collection by: SirAdrian
Greenlit RPG & Adventure
Collection by: [0] BladeZerker
5anity's Action RPG game collection
Collection by: ✠KAI✠
Just my basic little new collection of exciting RPG games I'd like to see greenlit and played.
Unusual and interesting games [Необычные и интересные игры]
Collection by: |Fioh| BiOS
#Based Titles
Collection by: |Boss| #YA
Collection by: ボーランド
ВСЕ что мне понравилось И все то за что я могу отдать деньги
Mgamer's Collection
Collection by: mgamer
Die Sonderkollektion UniMoG - Greenlight
Collection by: Metalmaniac [BrAsFu] ™
Die Kollektion der Gruppe United Metalheads of Germany Wir werden hier die Greenlight-Interessen der Gruppe hinzufügen ;)
Collection by: #Zdunk
Nice itens!!!!
Collection by: Xisto
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