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The Blessings of Sheogorath
Collection by Miss Casanova™
Now with 30% more saturated fat than our competitors, 9 out of 10 lunatics disagree. Please keep you arms and legs inside the vehicle at all time. In case of an emergency, put on your own mask and let your little milk drinker fend for himself.
Skyrim Improved
Collection by Rhinownage
This list of mods will drastically improve your Skyrim experience. Don't look at the individual mods, just click "Subscribe to All". Credit to the mod Authors! I did not make any of the mods. Just made it easier for you to install them.
Sheogorath's Strange New World... or Something
Collection by [kcr] Maxwell The Spooked
Get out your cheese wheels boys and girls we are going on an adventure!
Boomtwack's Ultimate Collection of Cheats and Silly Things
Collection by Boomtwack
Boomtwack's Ultimate Collection of Cheats and Silly Things (we'll just call it BUCCST) is a collection of mods for those who don't bother to play seriously. It is a collection for those who crave powers that will give them the advantage over their enemies...
Sheogorath's Gifts to Tamriel
Collection by erico88
An amount of gifts from the Isles, or maybe they aren't. Anyhow, there is no shame in a nice bit of madness, is there?
Collection by fatpotatoetiger
Elder Scrolls V
Collection by xXKokOfJusticeXx
Skyrim Shit
Giggle makers
Collection by NicoleAR
A collection of mods that make skyrim a bit of a more humorous place. For a bit of fun, some laughs, or a smile. :)
A Little Bit Mad
Collection by NutshellGulag
Those Imperial Guards hit you pretty hard on the head. Are you alright?
For Stephanie
Collection by NobleAlyssum
Chicken Mods
Collection by SupremeOtaku
The chickens have come
Teh Morag's Ultimate Collection
Collection by Pheonix
Teh Morags Collection of AWESOME
Immersion killer
Collection by Moron
A bunch of silly stuff.
Goofballs 2: quest for the second goofballs 2
Collection by Zer0n888 [B@T]
the goofiest mods.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by EPM
It's a bunch of wacky nonsense. What more can I even say?
Mods I use
Collection by NicoleAR
Dillon is gay
Collection by TSM DarkSydePhil
2/21/2015 Mods I use
Collection by NicoleAR
Collection by elderpyre
*derp* *derp* *derp*
becouse reasons
Collection by drygunner
jjust for fun
Collection by HairyGreatness
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