The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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HQ Skyrim
Collection by: IM DE BEST
SKSE required
Essential Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: scrollthief
This collection of mods will improve gameplay and graphics, but avoids mods that are too specialized such as special questlines, houses, individual wardrobes, individual spells and items, etc.
All mods I have ever added
Collection by: tRu_FEAR
I believe not all mods are compatible this collection was made to save what I have used in the past and to weed out the old or conflicting mods.
Collection by: im2hi
My favorites
Collection by: Phantom299
Collection by: SamusXtreme
SSS - Sam's Skyrim Selection
Collection by: Yuwee
A selection of mods that have greatly enhanced the game for me. Some additional mods I use from Nexus: Categorized Favorites Menu - A Quality World Map - With Roads - Glowi...
The Almighty Collection
Collection by: The Almighty Smotsman
Collection of mods for use by the Almighty clan.
FireTiger's Collection
Collection by: firetigeris
These are my current mods- That is all Requires DG, HF, SKSE - there are two diffrent 'skip the wagon' mods- don't install both- "Random Start" and "DIMES Quickstart" Pick only ONE.
Collection by: Flyingpopcorn
What I use
Collection by: Daedalus The Dopefish
What I have currently
Collection by: windEdward
Great Skyrim
Collection by: jwdickey34
HNGamers Collection
Collection by: TheVisad
Collection by: Magicicada
they're great
Graphics and General Gameplay Mods
Collection by: Mike
All the mods that work well to enhance skyrim visuals through graphics and lighting. Along with some minor mods for gameplay
Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by: coopermf
These mods are designed to enhance your gameplay in Skyrim and make it an all around better game. You don't need to download all of these mods, you can pick and choose. It is also recommended that you download a Skyrim script extender.
Asdasdfasfkaslfjaslfkj Okay?
Collection by: Bjørnígöv Stärìmünder
Nomadic Essentials
Collection by: BranVan
Live the life of a nomad in Skyrim. I've created this collection that's geared toward my preferred play style, someone who lives off the land, moving from keep to keep wherever their path takes them. Mods Included: - Camping Kit of the Northern R...
Camlas - The Liminal Hand's Visual Mod Collection
Collection by: StrawberryZA
Mods that improve graphics and add (mostly) balanced armours and weapons to increase avatar customization.
Wrath's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: WrathPhoenix
This is a basic collection of mods that i have found work well with each other. This was originally intended as a collection to share with my wife, but I am making it public for anyone who wants to try our experience. Note of caution: I am using these ...
Better Skyrim
Collection by: Eltreum
Collection of fixes and improvements to the game, be it graphical or gameplay related.
It's the little things which count
Collection by: SilentSoren
Just a small compilation of mods which I feel improve the gameplay of the game, adding small but helpful changes to the game. Some mods which are not on Steam Workshop: SKSE: The Skyrim Script Extender is neccessary for ...
The Rest 2
Collection by: Armenos
The Rest 2
Alchanii's Junk
Collection by: Alchanii R. Buzzkill [я.ω]
In-case anyone wonders all of what I use. I must note, though: Just because you can hit "subscribe all" on this collection, doesn't mean you should completely trust me to the point of not using BOSS, or just not wondering if, say "That's Ice" and "Rea...
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: First Captain Space Bear
Skyrim Mods!
mah mods
Collection by: Chris_Lomeli
some mods for a friend
Smithing and Enchanting mod comp
Collection by: BrettyBuddy
Lots of mods :3
Strange's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: DaStrange
This is just the mods I use while playing skyrim. Feel free to pick and chose which mods you like. -------------------------------------------------------------- I do not own/did not make any of the mods in this collection. So please i...
Better Skyrim
Collection by: Logi
Better Skyrim
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