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Containing item: "Hermit's Tree House"
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Collection by: BLUEAPOCALYPS3
It's great.
Kingjosh199's General skyrim improved
Collection by: kingjosh199
Just some mods that make skyrim feel more realistic. (WARNING) Not for lower end PC's.
Laurin Modit
Collection by: Crunchy
Oma collection
remsinin modları
Collection by: Ribbon
Triangle Guy's Favorites
Collection by: Triangle Guy
Some of my favorite mods. Also adds a bit more realism.
Collection by: Mishmash343
m8 mods m8888888
Bill's Essential Skyrim Collection.
Collection by: BGwatkin
Bill's Essential Skyrim Collection. A collection of my favourite workshops files. Mostly graphics/ ENB mods but theres a few useful items and features thrown in. The mods ive included in this collection for me improve immersion, gameplay and the ov...
Skyrim Jesper
Collection by: Pae
Skyrim Compendium, Part 1 - The Essentials
Collection by: Immortal_Daemon
A collection of lore-friendly gameplay/graphics/sounds/etc. mods that should barely affect performance. NOTE: Requires SKSE for full effect.
Tanha Subs
Collection by: Don Luigi
Better Skyrim mk. Macer Varren
Collection by: Macer Varren
Better Skyrim.
Collection for melon
Collection by: SpiderFuckingMan
Skyrim Mods CocoCola
Collection by: West
vazi dé mod sé bi1 maggle!
Collection by: MechantPeon
Collection by: Yasquiff
Collection by: Pablo The Beaner
Dave's Skyrim Modlist
Collection by:
Simply of collection of mods that give me the Skyrim playthrough experience that I enjoy most. It is mainly graphical enhancements with some minor gameplay tweaks & bug fixes to remove the tedium from multiple playthroughs. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FIRST PLAYT...
Dave's Skyrim Mod List
Collection by:
This is simply a collection of mods that creates a Skyrim world made for replayability. It is mainly graphics updates/swaps, with a few bug fixes and mild gameplay enhances to remove some of the tedium from the game. NOT RECOMMEND FOR FIRST PLAYTHROUGH!
Collection by: (o.W.n) The Dubstep Husky (FLS)
Roanokeds files
Collection by: Roanoked
My private mod collection
Chucky's skyrim collection
Collection by: ChuckyTheMLGpro
Collection by: Merry
Gameplay Extras
Collection by: Sergei Fedorov
A bunch of stuff not covered in other top-rated collections.
Collection by: tomiesz
Mods that i use.
Collection by: viiiitus<3
Locations Enhances
Collection by: KI113R L3M0NZ
Mods that introduce new locations such as bandit camps, player homes and other features.
Dingo's Livestream Collection
Collection by: [DG] Gordy Dingo
A collections of mods I use in my Skyrim livestreams. Made a collection so you can play how I do too! ***NO DLCS REQUIRED TO PLAY WITH THIS COLLECTION*** ***REQUIRES SKSE*** Update 1: Added 18 new non conflicting mods. Primarily weapon focused...
All dem mods
Collection by: ^2Tha Muzzen
Non-Nexus Collection
Collection by: Kk Soso
All of the things I subscribed to, at one point or another, that are not in my Nexus mod collection. Should be compatible.
thePrussia collection
Collection by: ThePrussia
Just a bunch of mods I have found useful since starting to play Skyrim. I'll be updating it as I remove or add mods.
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