The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Shadowbanes fave mods
Collection by: Commander British!
Collection by: Dr. Fnord
Ryan's Essentials
Collection by: ryanthames
Mods that I absolutely need now that I've gotten used to them.
BoT's excellent mod collection
Collection by: Banned on Television
A series of mods that improve the overall Skyrim experience. I do not claim ownership of any of these mods. No anime, no creepy shit; just the good stuff.
Personnal Skyrim Enhancement
Collection by: Mac Ouille
Eh ! It's just my personnal collection for Skyrim !
Make Skyrim Chug like a bawss
Collection by: Squidraider
A collection of all the mods I use. Not the most stable of collections but where's the fun in life without a little danger? ;) Also get these
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: [SUB3] Cyanide
Collection by: kor
Collection for Timmah
Collection by: Earl Gamer
For the Hussey
Collection by: Bloody Wolf
For my mate Rob
Pelzo 1
Collection by: prebsdorf
Pelzos Samling
The College Try
Collection by: Patriciocio
The good old college try.
Odds and Ends - other mods to enhance the game
Collection by: Ace Skym
These are various mods that can be added to enhance random parts of the game such as interface or even horses.
Collection by: seminole4326
Just a list of my favorites
Random Mod Collection
Collection by: FYI I'm a spy... or am I?
Alchanii's Junk
Collection by: Alchanii R. Buzzkill
In-case anyone wonders all of what I use. I must note, though: Just because you can hit "subscribe all" on this collection, doesn't mean you should completely trust me to the point of not using BOSS, or just not wondering if, say "That's Ice" and "Rea...
Subscribe to these!!!!
Collection by: Namtaws
Just some of my favorites
Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by: coopermf
These mods are designed to enhance your gameplay in Skyrim and make it an all around better game. You don't need to download all of these mods, you can pick and choose. It is also recommended that you download a Skyrim script extender.
Skyrim improved
Collection by: I B C N U P N D shower
My attempt to improve on everything I felt was wrong with skyrim.
Collection by: Smedens
Zach's Pack
Collection by: izudragonov
A pack for me and my friends.
Collection by: Bearded Monkey
SO Loose Bro
Mods I use
Collection by: TheBedivere
These are the mods I use while I play.
Wallys world of wow
Collection by: Wally
roleplay, gameplay, graphics. 60+ no conflictions
jdorush collection
Collection by: Pengu
for my friends.
Wolf's Basic Modification Collection
Collection by: Wolfcp
A set of mods that enhance the base game of Skyrim. Together, these mods: Quash hundreds of bugs Add a variety of atmospheric sounds Reform the Interface to be more PC friendly Enhance the weather system Add craftable camping tools Add and diversi...
Collection by: Burning Heretic
This is primarily a collection of mods I wanted to share with a friend so we could both play the same "Version" of Skyrim.
Random Enhancements
Collection by: Sabest
A couple of enhancements put together to easily manage them.
My current setup of mods!
Collection by: WoodGlue
My current and best collection of must have skyrim mods!
The Cat and Chris Mega Skyrim Pack
Collection by: Chris
This is a pretty awesome thing
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