The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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My standard collection
Collection by: passionfly1
Standard UI fix mods
Collection by: Bleueragon
Combined with ENB 1.02 & Scriptextender
Collection by: Phozoh
Skyrim - Ranaudd
Collection by: Ranaudd
Skyrim - still vanilla but improved
Collection by: Hans Brotmeister
This collection is for people who want to play Skyrim close to vanilla with just some quality of life improvements. It does not add radically new stuff but focuses on enhancing the game on a more subtle level. Features: - Greatly improved interfac...
Collection by: Bureaucat
basic mod list for a friend
My Personal Choices
Collection by: CAPTAIN PLANET!!!!
Just putting this together to remember what I need.
The Ultimate Skyrim Experience
Collection by: Dr. Νu 000110100100
An essential pack to improve Skyrim to the point of perfection.
Swag Swag Mods
Collection by: Theron13
[КОЛЛЕКЦИЯ | СБОРКА] нужных модов от Rei'Mon
Collection by: Rei'Mon
Скайрим. Одна из не самых технологичных игр, движок, откровенно говоря, довольно старый, ему делали много подтяжек, переименовывали, но сути...
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection
Collection by: itsXthomasTAG
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection is nothing more than a simple collection of the mods that several people including myself have made, that i use on a regular basis in-game. I take no credit for the mods made by the other authors, i only take credit f...
Collection by: Alex K aus G an der L
my collection
Collection by: D-Spooky
Ryulin's little HD collection
Collection by: Ryulin23
My small collection of mods for HD textures and some other stuff
Expanded Realism
Collection by: Sir Roscoe J. Fluffington III
This pack makes the world more detailed and alive, but it also makes the world more threatening. Requires SKSE to run correctly.
Fat bloody Cock
Collection by: OberKubel West.
My Must Have Mods
Collection by: bazzaro135
THe mods I think you must play with.
TES V: Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: Memoin
A collection of mods that you should have and that are totally worth it! :D
guck ma
Collection by: Zerrok
Skyrim BS
Collection by: Professor Butt
How i like to play skyrim - Fabio Cadello
Collection by: Fabio Cadello™
this is just a pack of mods that i use all the graphical mods in this pack will give you good performance with not much gpu heat
SleepDeprived Personal Backup
Collection by: [CGB]▴SleepDeprived⁶⁶⁶
Backup of steamworkshop mods.
Skyrim mods
Collection by: Skalecc
Schöner Skyrim
Collection by: Trouble1504
Meine Zusammenstellung für ein optisch schöneres Skyrim, es besteht aus ausgesuchten Mods ohne das ganze Spiel zu überladen.
Kyky Jones
Collection by: Jester
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: jkwinning
just a collection of mods i use to improve looks, fun and replay factor.
Collection by: ItsallGravy
For the italian
Mods Skyrim
Collection by: Tsuky_Quezia
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