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Containing item: "Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim"
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Collection by: Kryosite
Twistedhalo5's Twisted Collection
Collection by: ÜM|Twistedhalo5
It's what I like
Collection by: Rocksteady328
My stuff
Collection by: bastiweb
Different Mods for caster
My Sub'ed Mods
Collection by: VoiceOfDecember
These are the ones I have
Pheniec's Mod Sammlung
Collection by: Phen!ec
Collection for friends to see
Collection by: Raptor Jesus
The Brotherhood Pack
Collection by: Blazingbeta
The mods used in the Brotherhood let's play of skyrim
Collection by: Captain Planet
Mods that increase the quality of the game.
James' Basic Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: JamesStrife
Just some mods I always play with. Mostly small enhancements and tweaks. Major mods: Souls to Perks, Fixed Followers Lite, Midas, and Skyui.
Rip's Gameplay Collection
Collection by: Rip Van Winkle X
This is just for me to orginize my mods.
Cool Extras
Collection by: [FBGM] thatonedude710
Just a bunch of armor and other things that add elements to the game without changing its vanilla packaging.
Baknik's Magic Collection
Collection by: Baknik
My favorite Magicka and spell mods.
so much ham
Collection by: Venaven길이없는 방랑
Testing this to see if it works, I don't care if you care about this, you're irrelevant. Also, HAM.
kirbs shit
Collection by: OldManKirby
kirbs shit
Dumz collection
Collection by: Dumzdey
A collection of Mods for some of my friends.
Sammy's Mods Preference
Collection by: $@mmy
Le Mod che attualmente preferisco.
Collection by: The Man With No Name
check this shit out
for you guys
Collection by: Roger Murtaugh
A small selection of some skyrim mods
Chubbybumps collection
Collection by: chubbybump
These are mods that I have selected to be compatible together and bring new life into skyrim for those who have already had a play through. The mods try to improve the graphics, scenery, and gameplay while also adding new quests, places and monsters to en...
Mod Vari
Collection by: קђ๏єηเx
Mods vari
Magic Effects
Collection by: Restless Dead
Some helps you look more like a God, some takes you a few steps closer. If you like the mods, remember to support the makers!
Collection by: Loadedice
Collection by: Foolio Augustus
liste 4
Collection by: darkhgee
Skyrim mod
Collection by: darkhgee
My backup
Collection by: Mathue24
Collection by: Lord Shaommon Tayen
Just some test of compatibilities.
loklans collection
Collection by: loklan
Collection by: darkhgee
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