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Collection by: DisgruntledDunkleosteus
Dey booteh
My Mods
Collection by: Tactical Hand
These mods are all the mods I use when playing skyrim. A 2GB video card is recommended to use these mods to the best of their ability. I make Lakeview my main house so therefore i only have mods for it and no other houses at all. I highly advise you to ...
Collection by: SoulTechNameI
MLG HIt the blunt collection
The Pingas Files
Collection by: Pingas Khan
The best World Mods
Collection by: Foxy
Skyrim is densely populated with areas to discover and explore. But if you’ve already spent a hundred or so hours with the game, chances are you’ve seen it all. It’s time to add new areas to the world with a great set of mods. I hope you liked it an...
Gameplay must haves
Collection by: [Someone]
Gameplay mods that should be in skyrim by default
HighKing's mod collection
Collection by: HighKing
The mods that I, HighKing, have. I find these to be really great mods so feel free to download any number of these mods. Don't forget to encourage the creators to make more increadable mods! I do not take credit for any of these mods.
My Favourites
Collection by: Fherrera
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: bowser962
White Forest ver.: 3.1
Collection by: Shaman
Collection by: Shaman
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Lokaal
Collection by: LaggeR Θάνατος (Mr.Grey)
mit Himbeeren
Collection by: 343 Guilty Spark
Collection by: Myers
Skyrim's Worl
Collection by: BruceTuesday
Over 130 Skyrim mods that I use.
Skyrim Redux
Collection by: The Brat Pack
My personal skyrim mods, taken from other collections
Skyrim mods
Collection by: BruceTuesday
Survival Realism
Collection by: Rhymes+
No lore breaks and also HD!!!
Collection by: The Cake is a Pie
Don't you hate it when stuff looks so boring in Skyrim and the story gets boring and mods obliterate the lore Bethesda has painstakingly worked to produce? I know I do, so before I sound like a cheesy 50's spokesperson any more you should download this cr...
my mod list
Collection by: [R.B.D.S]AwkwardPanda
Collection by: Corecii
Subscribed files
Skyrim mods
Collection by: The Rob
Muh stuff
Collection by: Sai Kitsune
stuff i wanted...?
make skyrim as immersive as possible
Collection by: SMALORGEN
these mods make your game beutiful i love these mods they make the game so much more realistic and immersive (heres a tip if you have a perfect capture card that doesnt lag from big things then get dat grass mod if you dont have a perfect captures card ge...
Dillon is gay
Collection by: Vlad The Implier
Justin's Second Chance
Collection by: Tyrannosaurus Pex
Collection by: Ti7an
Enhances the entire game of Skyrim. Includes sounds (waterfall, armor noise, Sounds of Skyrim), multiple landscape, rock, foilage, snow, weather mods. Also has some armor mods and weapon mods from games that I like or ones that seemed cool. Lastly it incl...
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Comma-Kazie
Cross-compatible Skyrim mods that I enjoy.
DarkKnights Ulitimate Collection
Collection by: |g4|DarkKnight
This is my collection of 182 mods a good majority to enhance the graphics for my top of the line gaming rig, so warning if you dont have at least a Nvidia 680 or higher and at least 8gb of ram dont install this. Also I have some quest mods and places mod...
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