The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: SuperChill
Essential Non conflicting Graphics and Misc mods
Collection by: Master Mozzi
Here are some excellent mods to begin your modding journey in skyrim. Enjoy you bastard.
TeePeeZombie's Recommended Mods
Collection by: Michael Duggan
This is a personal collection of my favorite mods, ones that I found work well together. Some may require all DLC, but as I have Legendary that's fine with me. I prefer an emphasis on immersion and realism, and I typically play as a ranger, thief, assassi...
for lazy newb
Collection by: D's B
IGNORE THIS COLLECTION This is only here so my friends can easily subscribe to the mods I have on, since its easier than having to find and send them every link separately. PS If you dont like SkyUI get SkyUI-Away from the nexus, you need SkyUI fo...
Josh's Skyrim Collection Thing
Collection by: Josh [Horvath]
Stuff and things, things and stuff.
The Powerscrolls V
Collection by: Thograr
skyrim mods by zordo
Collection by: Zordo
Improvements with low FPS impacting
Collection by: Raynan
Some mod with extra history to play its on the Collection Towns and Villages Enhanced are the heaviest Improves(If u get high drop on FPS uncheck them on the Launcher->Data Files)
Legendary Elder Pack ( War of the North)
Collection by: Jesseca :3
The various mod that i have collected from many of the amazing modders.
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