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Gelocity 1 vs 1
Collection by: Raidix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel. Use your portal gun cleverly to trick your opponent and be the first to reach the finish line!
Portal 2 co-op Chambers
Collection by: Whiskey_Fox
A collection of co-op Test Chambers to play with my friends!
Gelocity Grand Prix
Collection by: [FP] Alpha
The Gelocity Race maps, all in one collection. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE MAPS. ALL CREDIT GOES TO RAIDIX. [great map creator!]
My Portal 2 "Collection"
Collection by: BlackEZ95
Моя личная коллекция по игре Portal 2!
Gelocity Maps
Collection by: Stranger
Coop Adventures, Friendship is Magic
Collection by: .Abvex
Collection by: [ES] Desperado
Best Custom Co-op Maps
Collection by: Ace Ryder
These are personally my favorite co-op maps, because they demonstrate great graphics, great testing, and intuitive solutions that make you think differently about puzzle solving. This makes them all a "must-test".
Coop Maps
Collection by: Ramsey
Collection of Coop Courses
Hipercollection 4 th3 Cake!!By Snedius
Collection by: eX(s) Snedius
Todos los mejores mapas para single y co-op.
Co op maps
Collection by: George6120
Perpetual Testing Initiative Deluxe Pack
Collection by: Razor
PERPETUAL TESTING INITIATIVE DELUXE PACK The best maps made by the Portal 2 community (Steam Workshop & Steam Store). IMPORTANT: Don't forget subscribe to all the parts and play them by order >>>> Steam Workshop - Map Packs - 12 Angry Tests (7 par...
Collection by: DarKSkulL PT
Collection by: Stranger
5 Star
Collection by: Mysterious Bunny Z
Its a Koallection
Portal Maps
Collection by: #swiggityswoogity
Portal Mods n Maps
Eh Bo guri vamo a hacer ciencia
Collection by: Willdrick
Portal 2 Co-Op Maps's
Collection by: Western Dongermonger
Portal 2 CO-OP maps
Collection by: Zack
Best coop maps
Omar's Items
Collection by: nintendomar
Portal 2
Collection by: SuslikGT
Portal 2 Coop
Collection by: Maddinar
Levels to play
Collection by: KikeKillah1999
For Mary!!!
Collection by: Chaos.Theory
This is a collection for MARY!!!!!!
Collection by: martinkors
Portal 2 map
Collection by: Sashi
Evaniar's Coop Collection
Collection by: Evaniar
Collection of maps I play with my friends and some solo maps.
Collection by: AysuDrakon
What I want to play.
Gelocity maps
Collection by: allahu akbar-arab airlines
this is the collection of Gelocity race maps.
Collection by: Crvs899
A collection of maps for me and sharpshooter to play.
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