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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Joy's Rooms
Collection by: joy_bt
Just all of my rooms so far. no theme.
Wheatley Science: The First Instalment
Collection by: Wheatley Laboratories
this is the first set of a brand new collection of test chambers brought to you from Wheatley Laboratories
First try
Collection by: BlazeHawk2442
Trying this out for first time
Collection by: NABE GEWELL
P2 dynamics
Collection by: Bonemachine
Collection by: zix7
Lazy Portal Port
Collection by: fLux
My curious project.
Cyclopic's Chambers
Collection by: Cyclopic
A collection of all my portal maps.
Countdown to Extinction (Director's cut)
Collection by: jk7201
This is a special version of the Countdown to Extinction collection. It contains the original maps plus some extra stuff. The difficulty increases as you proceed, so following the suggested map order is highly recommended.
Collection by: fanto »)SJ)
A series of chambers which each revolve around a single puzzle concept or a combination thereof. While the primary concept isn't the only thing in the puzzle, it's the most prominent piece.
Collection by: [ZW]Petrosyan
Collection by: Kavinsky
Collection by: fcanerf
AK's Portal 1
Collection by: Anonymous Koala
Made entierly in BEEmod 2, this map seris is AK(Anonymous Koala, my user name)'s version of Portal 1, that ends pretty damn different. Currently under work.
AK's Portal 1
Collection by: Anonymous Koala
Made entierly in BEEmod 2, this map seris is AK(Anonymous Koala, my user name)'s version of Portal 1, that ends pretty damn different. Currently under work.
The Fazbear Collection
Collection by: Foxy432
This is a collection of all of the FNAF pizzaria maps i poasted.
Mission: Impossible
Collection by: Yuuubi
Good morning, Ms. Chell. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into the Scientific Complex of Aperture Science in order to unplug GLaDOS for the third time. You will need stealth and also physical and mental agility to reach Her chambe...
An Alternate Campaign
Collection by: Dante
DISCLAIMER ::::: The Subscribe to All Button does not work. You must subscribe individually, in order. When I played Portal 2, I felt like the maps were too easy. I could get through the game pretty quickly without much challenge, and s...
The Nostalgia Testing Track
Collection by: iSmile02
Overall difficulty is Easy. All of these chambers are Portal 1 based and they are all made with BEEMod. There are various errors, such as odd lighting and dialog, but that's just BEEMod.
Collection Labore
Collection by: Caio Varalta
"Labore" maps collection for Portal 2. The Labore maps are the simplest ones, easiest ones, and coolest ones. All of them are Singleplayer only.
Pretreat Laboratories
Collection by: DanMann
Welcome to Pretreat Laboratories a incomplete Adventure into the depth of Pretreat and the only one of its kind in the WORLD. Help GLaDOS complete her tests and find your way to the exit before one of the test kills you! In some on the tests there is sec...
Collection by: Chairman Wesker
A series of Multiplayer challenges designed to test your mind and your patience. So grab a friend, subscribe to any you like and you're away laughing. Or crying like Little Babby Man, depending on your resolve and your partner's intellect.
My Portal Test Chambers
Collection by: Dark Gamer
These are all of my test chambers.
Portal 2 ANTI Test chambers
Collection by: Radioactive0wl
This collection includes all ANTI test chambers from 01-10 as well as the two harder versions of chamber 01. They are Portal 2 puzzles with their individual twists and turns, I hope you enjoy them. I would appreciate feedback on these maps. Please don'...
Portal Co-oP tests.
Collection by: CrOwLeRRBoss
Collection by: ЁЖ
The Cubes
Collection by: GeeTheKing
Different cube-architecture chambers. These represent the feeling of the cult movie: The cube. These are recommended for veteran and pertinacious Portal-gamers.
Collection by: Igroorg87
Subjective Assessments
Collection by: General Underpants
For those with the itch.
СИНГЛ Воу Воу Воу Полегче
Collection by: Sexy Vasilek
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