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DotaCinema Art and Mousepad Bundle
Collection by DC | Workshop
A collection of art from all the DotaCinema sets. The art can be sold as posters and mousepads.
The Starring Abyss
Collection by RocketAlex™
Eldwurm's Pact
Collection by ChiZ
Maxime Lebled - Rigging, animations and LODs Christian Gramnaes - Concept, models and textures Melinda Gramnaes - Loading screen
Herald of Ruin
Collection by Don Don
A set done in collaboration with Team Malaysia's Mushi! Concepted - Ziedrich Model & Texture - Don Don
Phantasmal Disruptions set for Hao
Collection by CiDDi
Acolyte of the Sun God
Collection by RocketAlex™
Hey guys, we are glad to introduce you reworked version of our Egytp Nyx set. This time we are in a different colors and shape language. Set features: 3 unique FLY animations, CUSTOM BURROW spell, Ability Icons, Coursor Pack. Thank you! CREDITS: ...
Collection by LS
Molten War Armor - Furious Kirin Knight
Collection by zhuzhuxia
Work with my friend Simple first time on this CK set. Hope you all like our work.
Skywarrior's Ordinance (Fenrir)
Collection by teabiscuit
This is a set for Fenrir, from Vici Gaming.
Rustic Enrapture - 1437 Pro Set
Collection by Anuxi ♥
A set I made for the legendary pro player and coach, 1437! He helped out a lot with working out the colour scheme, as he only wants the best hats for his fluffy enchantress! Loading screen done by the amazing Truc Bui! Link to his art tumblr: http://3...
The Misty Reaper set for Abaddon
Collection by Keanhotshine
The Misty Reaper set for Abaddon All accusations stopped when Abaddon rode into battle, and people saw how the powers of the mist had given him mastery over life and death beyond those of any lord the House had ever known. Hope you like it. ...
Yopparai Brewmaster
Collection by Mv
A set for caster 4ce
Collection by Es'Kophan
Fortuneteller set for Rubick. Containing: +Custom particles +alternative (green) custom particles +custom particles created in WORKSHOP TOOLS +alternative (green) custom particles created in WORKSHOP TOOLS +Full set +alternative (green candles) ...
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Magnolia 冰女 圣洁绽放华服 Concept:NPC Model:Simple Ingame shot 国内的朋友 点击链接: Our another set of Pugna [url=...
Armor of Reckless Vigor
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it! :)
Expelled Monastic Set
Collection by [A]llianceFan
Expelled Monastic Set We are searching for a tournament organizer to cooperate with
Field Marshal Set
Collection by JovaGrof
Nether Star Armor
Collection by Toasty
While leading the Bronze Legion into the relentless hordes, Tresdin equips the Nether Star Armor for times when extra protection is desired. Forged from the shards of the Black Nether Star, it can withstand blows from the strongest demonic abyssal filth....
Scalding Armor of The Fallen Warrior
Collection by Homer J. Simpson
Scalding Armor of The Fallen Warrior.
TrungTH's Posters and Mousepads Bundle
Collection by GoT
This is the collection of my official artworks/illustrations for Dota 2 as Mousepads and Posters. If you are a Dota 2's fan. You have probably seen my works around the internet. And this is my first time that I have a chance to bring them closer to you...
Tales of the Solar Knight
Collection by down_limit
"Tales of the Solar Knight" created for Invoker! The perfect combination of strong enchanted armor and magical artifacts. Also new formidable Forgespirits!
Raiment of a Thousand Blades
Collection by Mv
This is a Phantom Assassin set for
The Wandering Warlord
Collection by bounchfx
In partnership with Dota 2 Lounge, I am proud to present a light armored set for Legion Commander, including custom ability icons - "The Wandering Warlord" If you're interested in seeing many more images and information, click one of the items below. R...
Unhallowed Vestments
Collection by Mv
Unhallowed Vestments Set for Shane. This set has 3 different hair/head styles and 2 different shoulder styles. Follow us on: ...
Bloodthorn Petals
Collection by Le-Dano
Akasha once encountered a Rose Chimera that consumed her whole. She violently carved at the beast from within, until it roared no more. Bathed in blood and innards, the Queen of Pain climbed out of the giant carcass with renewed appearance. Concept & I...
Defender of Joerlak
Collection by Ўuri
Defender of Joerlak
The Crystalline Shell
Collection by RocketAlex™
New Weaver Set by RocketAlex and Ka'as
Remnants of Nian
Collection by Mv
Lucifer the Doom Bringer does not simply participate in the New Bloom without raising hell and along the way picking up a few souvenirs. Doom found the beast's resilience to be well suited for a legendary armor. After the battle was over, Lucifer forged t...
Fortune's Veil
Collection by Spudnik
Fortune's Veil - a set for Ogre Magi Concept and illustration by Stephen 'Possum' Oakley Model, textures and rig by Alex 'Spudnik' Frey
Thoth's Immortal Relics
Collection by CiDDi
set for Rubick loading screen, video, icons and cursor will be very-very soon, guys :)
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