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Collection by: Ki11erC
The top maps and mods all in one easy place.
DiskSystem's favorite L4D2 addons
Collection by: DiskSystem
A collection of my favorite addons for Left 4 Dead 2.
Meska's L4D2 Kickass-Elite-Superpack-Collection
Collection by: Meska_
Includes Sounds, Music, Skins, Textures, Models, HUD and much more. 100% Online playable! Visit: www.meska.me
swag me out< YEEEEEEAAAAAAH! There may be issues with some of the mods if you have your own items installed.
My L4D2
Collection by: TinyBison119
For me and my Friends
Graphics Overhaul
Collection by: Uncle F3AR
A collection of mods that improve the look of Left 4 Dead 2.
Dead Space Mods
Collection by: kolier.li
Dead space mods for L4D2.
Critico Negativo
Collection by: [CN] Shinaim
Collezione privata di gioco per il gruppo di Critico Negativo
Custom Maps
Collection by: Gog_the_Viking
This here is a pile of custom maps!
IL - Halo Addons
Collection by: iTz Lazerz
NOTE: I have made NONE of these addons. These are just some of the Halo/RvB addons I use in L4D2. Enjoy
L4D2 Addons PorcineT (^@^)
Collection by: PorcineT (^@^) ♂ ♋ ♀
pendra real
Collection by: [Jusqu'à l'OS] Pendragon451
real texture mod weapons
Collection by: Drakéon
This Collection is a round-up of all of the skins/models from the L4D1 - 2 Betas. Credits do belong to the creators, not me. Let me know if I missed any other Beta style mods too.
Collection by: Natsuke
l4d2 awesomeness
Silverheart's Apparel Shop
Collection by: Hyp3r
This is a collection of clothing mods for l4d2
L4D2 BackToTheFuture (^@^)
Collection by: PorcineT (^@^) ♂ ♋ ♀
[L4D2] Crazy Stuff Pack
Collection by: Sauced by ? Crysa;D!
Some Crazy Stuff for fight zombies ! ;)
Char Chars Wombo Jumbo Pack
Collection by: SuperTurtle
This is the greatest collection of all time! May Contain a tad bit of kush daddy juice.
great mods ^^
Collection by: ♥~Flutty~♥™
Its a collection that has very much things in it hope there are some who like it i use it in my game and all works with all together and there shouldnt be problems at all ^^
Puddi's Pack
Collection by: Pudding
The Sexy Pack
Collection by: |UR| Steeldino
Ulalah! xD
Collection by: LookLook
Our mods
Random thing
Collection by: Phreak.co
Just some awesome things i found while browsing the workshop. when you open addons it will say 2 or more addons are incompatable just ignore that. I DO NOT OWN OR MAKE ANY OF THESE MODS
Total Visual Overhaul
Collection by: darthbdaman
Replaces a large number of the ingame textures to alternate versions to improve visual fidelity. Adds various visual effects that add to the cinematic feel of the game.
Total HUD Overhaul
Collection by: darthbdaman
A collection of fully compatible HUD mods, that enhance and fix the clunky look of the Left 4 Dead 2 UI.
Left 4 Dead 2 Ultimate Game Overhaul
Collection by: Mason
This will pretty much change every single thing in the game that can be changed. If you are looking for a huge refresher on L4D2, this would be a pack I recommend. It SHOULD not drop your FPS at all and all the included mods are 100% COMPATIBLE with eacho...
JamesXII's Armory
Collection by: JamesXII
This is just to organize my stuff nothing big really. Also if anybody knows the artist of the branding image from deviantart let me know so i can credit properly. TY
Left4Futurama 2
Collection by: StupidNameHere
The game mode that makes this a whole different game to me. i laugh so hard playing this game now. so hard. best of my knowledge, everything works online so you may be the only person laughing about the game but at least it doesnt change the core essen...
L4D Mods Collectiobon
Collection by: Ayessis
NonDD collection!
Collection by: Yanis Madafakis
No es necesario, usad vuestro cerebro y no seáis oligoneuronales.
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