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TammojaOlen´s Black Edition Collection!
Collection by |TammojaOlen|
Here is all Black Edition Weapons and more! ALL ADDONS are made/reskinned BY ME!
Sir Purrham Furbottom
Collection by [R!!] Subin
Sir Purrham Furbottom Mods. Based on BattleBlock Theater.
Body's Must Have's
Collection by Bodycount
Collection of must-haves that ive found on the l4d2 workshop All the content inside this collection does not belong to me but to the respected creators Anyhow; This is what i use when i play l4d2, so if you want the same mods installed as me, downlo...
Hail to the Dead
Collection by Dr. Baconbits
Hail to the dead, baby. Duke Nukem is back and he's teaming up with some unlikely allies to bring the pain. Put on your shades, kick back, and blow some zombie brains out in this full conversion collection that's sure to turn your boring old Left 4 ...
The Sillifying Collection!
Collection by Sarif
First of all, if you wish to help making things for the project, or wish to add one of your items to it, please send me a friend request on Steam, I'll make sure to answer asap. (Image is for illustrative(?) purposes, dont take anything in it for granted...
Collection by Mystique
For my friends
Delta's Zelda Addons(not my addons)
Collection by [GoDs]-[ÐΣ╘✞Å]
A Collection of The Legend of Zelda Themed Addons. -Features- Melee weapons addons- Some sound addons- A couple models- Pain Pills as Red Potions- A Scary as hell moon!-
Popular Addons
Collection by ∆ⓏΣ℟◯∆ マーカス
Hello Guys I'm making a collection of mods I DO NOT OWN but the're popular!
MCnB L4D2 Mod List
Collection by Strawberry Fish
Mods used for the MCnB L4D2 series of videos. Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCIPavVEHpM&list=PLfOLPa4-jET8WI8_m_GkRMOZHPhcRSQuu&index=1
Black Lagoon Menu Mod
Collection by spartan_n117
All parts of my mod from Black lagoon, Enjoy!. NOTE: the menu background I can not upload it because it is too heavy for the workshop, however, you can find it in my profile from L4DMaps: "wolfanstain301".
Necro's Custom Apocalypse
Collection by ▶Darq
Necro's Custom Apocalypse I have NOT created any of these mods. I have simply put them in a collection for those looking for a couple of nice mods to enhance your game. NOTE: I constantly update the collection with newer and better mods, so...
Schwo's Survival Guide to L4D2
Collection by Schwo
The best stuff for all your L4D2 needs.
Miguel Citrix
Collection by Miguel C.
Doom's L4D2 Sound Mods
Collection by [FG] DoomGeek101
Welcome to my collection! Here, you'll find all of the sound mods I've made for Left 4 Dead 2. Mainly these sounds are for fun, not for anything serious. So you'll find some silly sound mods here, if that's your thing. Hit the subscribe all button to dow...
Aiva's L4D2 Anime Mod Collection
Collection by Aiva, Queen and Corpse
Any Anime Mods I have come across. They will probably conflict so you can get them all but remember to disable/enable when necessary. Note: I simply display the add-on's. I take no responsibility for their working/nom-working status nor for their conte...
Ayy animooo
Collection by Seiba
My L4D2 Collection
Collection by SENZAH x M.U.L.A.
Mostly Optical Mods too make the Game look better in my opinion. (:
Left 4 Dead 2 (Improved)
Collection by Octave
World War II Mods
Collection by SkittleMilk
A collection of my favorite mods inspired by the Second World War.
My Left 4 Dead 2 Uploads
Collection by ricky horror
A collection of my workshop uploads for Left 4 Dead 2.
Killbot's Game Mode
Collection by UegKillbot
Badass Blades
Collection by Benja
Badass blades, sweet swords, cool cutlery... Mighty melee misc.!
SPARTAN S1298's Mod Collection of Ultimate Rage
Collection by SPARTAN S1298
The Walking Dead
Collection by HandOfWodhe
A smathering of good mods, all derived from from The Walking Dead television show or TellTale's episodic video game, or contribuitng to the setting. For now, only sounds and a few texture swaps to build a more realistic setting and feel. I am buildi...
DFG L4D2 Campaigns Collection
Collection by Uzral
Alle L4D2 Kampagnen aus dem Workshop die DF&G spielt. Zusätzliche Kampagnen, die nicht im Workshop sind: - I Hate Mountains 2 - Tour of Terror
Gold Weapons Collection-Colección de armas de oro
Collection by IniestaDMV
Gold Weapons Collection
My Favorites
Collection by tplesetz
Collection by PANGAEA
One-Click: Top Rated Map collection
Collection by descender
Almost all of the top rated maps (and map collections) in the workshop.
One-Click: Must Have Mods
Collection by descender
A collection of texture, model, skin, and scripting updates that aren't going to ruin the original feel of the game. I like them, you'll like them too. I do plan on looking into gun mods and adding more melee weapon mods soon.
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