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Nisemonogatari Concert Mod [Ver.Full]
Collection by: YJS0904
Nisemonogatari Concert Mod change Midnight Riders' Songs to Nisemonogatari OST and also texture. So If you want to watch textures and listen to OST, you should download this collection. (Sry, my English skill is bad, real bad..) Anyway, I hope you e...
Collection by: 少说话☆多poi
im gonna kill myself-pack
Collection by: . S A V
im gonna kill myself
Flashlight collection
Collection by: TimeR
Collection of my flashlights.
Collection by: <S:O:B>
The Svenne Collection
Collection by: Ronin5432
I was bored so I made this. Extra files (https://mega.co.nz/#!aAJnzCLL!qVXCAJRAPpRhEhAFxiM_Mn2MEzAR7twUEr-G2iSvBYw) Extract in to Left4dead2's main folder. not necessary but adds more to the whole experience, mostly audio. In order to activat...
The Big Collection of Dumb Assholes
Collection by: PewDiePie the Real One Trust Me
The Walking Dead
Collection by: PewBirdy
Left 4 Dead 2 Kolekcja
Collection by: BertPL
Moja Kolekcja
Mah collection
Collection by: PewBirdy
HD/HQ l4d2
Collection by: Marta Bot
high quality high definition
L4D2 - Mutations
Collection by: m30w
Sub-category for mutations. More content coming as soon as more mutations are added, most likely after EMS is out of beta.
Heskey Time
Collection by: DrHeskey
For my mods. Don't forget It is HESKEY TIME. (always)
Simon Says: Silly MLP L4D2 Video - Workshop Items
Collection by: Simon Says
perro ql
Collection by: Pudu inqui$w3gtor
¿y son 2 perros po wn que queri que haga?... toma ctm weon -NicoKishins
L4D2 Amazingness - actually private
Collection by: Dr. Gismo
L4D2 MLG Edition
Collection by: Streamline
mad pro collection
L4D2 Potato Pack
Collection by: AleksThePotato
A huge collection of Left 4 Dead 2 mods gathered from all around to bring the best experience to the player.
Collection by: Duck
A collection of Inception based audio mods.
This Is a Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: KittyCat | Assassin
This Modpack has very very nice mods for your L4D2.
left for dead 2 for friends
Collection by: Shockfox13
a fun mod pack that lets zombie become more terror than you hope by no means any of these are mine, all creadit goes to the creators and their works. p.s. play on expert
Left 4 Dead Remake HD Textures - Left 4 Dead Texturas Remake HD
Collection by: XMatepoX
----------------------------- README! - ¡LEER! ----------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- English --------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is aimed at peopl...
Left 4 Dead 2 Realism
Collection by: Akillero
A collection that it has good stuff.
L4D2 Daily (More or Less) Mods
Collection by: Ruby
Collection by: |AS|Reaper
Collection by: Claudman
stuff for my homies to download none made by me
Tavi's Tantalizing L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Bear Force Boris
The Sillifying Collection!
Collection by: Sarif
First of all, if you wish to help making things for the project, or wish to add one of your items to it, please send me a friend request on Steam, I'll make sure to answer asap. (Image is for illustrative(?) purposes, dont take anything in it for granted...
MCnB L4D2 Mod List
Collection by: Strawberry Fish
Mods used for the MCnB L4D2 series of videos. Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCIPavVEHpM&list=PLfOLPa4-jET8WI8_m_GkRMOZHPhcRSQuu&index=1
All Addons
Collection by: [MSTM] MassTortoroGamer
All of my sound addons are stored here.
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