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Collection by Cavy "Crash" "Tails OBrien" Fox
download these for L4D2 clan matches guize
DeathCraft II
Collection by Martin Luther King
I maded this to remember what mods to get for L4D2 to look like minecarft :P :D
Meine erste sammlung für L4D2
Collection by stryke-aka-lingo
Isaac get these
Collection by JoeisPyro
Tanks PlayGround
Collection by CookieB3ast
Worgen's Kollektion [L4D2]
Collection by Worgen ツ
Das sind die Mods, die ich in L4D2 benutze. :)
Dota 2 pack
Collection by Kaynight@LAN
A collection of Dota 2 related mods
Collection by Hany666
Duke's Dukes
Collection by Doug Funnie
[Insert Duke quote here]
Collection by Fridge Ghost
Rex's Collection
Collection by Bozo The Clown God
Must Get!
Collection by ½ Chops74₃²
Collection by Leyno
l4d2 funny addons
Collection by Nutty_Typhoon
L4D2 MODS :D V2.0
Collection by Slim Jimmy
Saucy's HD Apocalpyse
Collection by SαucyDαncer™
I have put together an HD Apocalpyse that will make almost every aspect of L4D2 better. This collection will provide many new HD items, weapons, and survivor skins. Hope you enjoy. I take no credit from any of these items.
Collection by Merc the Sergal
Hail to the Dead
Collection by Dick Kickem
Hail to the dead, baby. Duke Nukem is back and he's teaming up with some unlikely allies to bring the pain. Put on your shades, kick back, and blow some zombie brains out in this full conversion collection that's sure to turn your boring old Left 4 ...
My Personal Collection
Collection by AHappy▲
A Personal Collection of Mod i use for L4D2 you can use it if you want. All Mod Creators Did a Goodjob and are Displayed on the left side area. And All Credit is given to them for the mods none are mine. Some Mods aren't compatable with each other like...
Collection by Debal
CCCP - L4D2 Coincoin collection
Collection by tagada_coincoin
All the best content available for the Left 4 Dead serie.
For the Lols
Collection by Wraith
Funniest mods I could find.
Werewolf's Apocalypse (Optional items)
Collection by WerewolfNightmare
Realism Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=265747053 Werewolf's Apocalypse: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=295935648&savesuccess=1 Here, this collection is part of my main collection, entitled "Wer...
Werewolf's Apocalypse
Collection by WerewolfNightmare
Here is my (WerewolfNightmare101) collection on how I see Left 4 Dead 2, with addons to suit the game instead of taking it a more realistic way. This is a collection for skins, sounds and many more, if you wanna download them, go ahead and have fun! :) ...
the realistic zombie apocalypse
Collection by sam
have a real taste of the real zombies with real guns and more! some of these mods may only work on a local server. some of these guns also are famous. if there any problems then i will fix it. i have worked really hard to find the best mod that fit with t...
Skiimore's Weeb Pack
Collection by Skiimore
What I think is the essential for weeb losers
L4d MOds Nico
Collection by AmaZiing
Collection by RickAucoin
Rick's L4D2 Collection
Battlefield 3-4 music collection
Collection by INCREDIBREAD
Includes an expanding list of replacement music for the Left 4 Dead 2 apocalypse. Music from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 is used. Like I said this an expanding list so expect more to come!
super tentacle pack
Collection by Fedora Lord
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