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L4D2-RE6 Crossover
Collection by Ashiyama
The title is pretty self-explanatory. RE6 for Boomer, Charger, and Tank. Nick becomes Leon Kennedy and Rochelle becomes Helena Harper.
Collection by Galaucus
Reskins, music mods, and more galore from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. All credit goes to the authors of these mods. If you know of anything that should be in here, please don't hesitate to let me know.
out there 2
Collection by XxHellzGuardian
this is a survival map for l4d2 surivors this was from l4d1 but now l4d2 enjoy
Good Stuff for a Good Game
Collection by Mmarksp
A collection of my personal taste. I'll add things that I have enjoyed and that I like. I check if they work and I hope people will try out these maps and mods, that I have given my recommendation! Note that these things don't necessarily work together...
im gonna kill myself-pack
Collection by V O I D
im gonna kill myself
Collection by Kill-all-S-O-B's
fisher6s - CAMPAIGNS collection
Collection by fisher6s
llista de pantalles!
Collection by ♛ℬƗℒℒウィリアム♛
the Zombies and military survival pack
Collection by Commander Joel Storm
with badass skins to guns that will rip zombies in half...... but the most important thing is that it keeps you alive
Halo Armory
Collection by Lone Wonderer
well hello again and this time i made a HALO collection for your left 4 dead 2 and 1 game have fun.
Nisemonogatari Concert Mod [Ver.Full]
Collection by YJS0904
Nisemonogatari Concert Mod change Midnight Riders' Songs to Nisemonogatari OST and also texture. So If you want to watch textures and listen to OST, you should download this collection. (Sry, my English skill is bad, real bad..) Anyway, I hope you e...
Collection by 少说话☆多poi
Weapons/Skins collection
Collection by Ivan Granatata
The Svenne Collection
Collection by Ronin5432
I was bored so I made this. Extra files (https://mega.co.nz/#!aAJnzCLL!qVXCAJRAPpRhEhAFxiM_Mn2MEzAR7twUEr-G2iSvBYw) Extract in to Left4dead2's main folder. not necessary but adds more to the whole experience, mostly audio. In order to activat...
Collection my ass
Collection by Valet2
Mah collection
Collection by Acidated
Left 4 Dead 2 Kolekcja
Collection by Venox ★
Moja Kolekcja
The Walking Dead
Collection by Acidated
HD/HQ l4d2
Collection by YA TU SABE AMIGO
high quality high definition
The Big Collection of Dumb Assholes
Collection by Hahah! Streigkl tk kle Grineer!
Flashlight collection
Collection by TimeR
Collection of my flashlights.
The L4D2 Brony Mod Pack!
Collection by xQuote
A bunch a MLP mods and shit. All Compatable with each other. Have fun. I made none of these mods just made a collection. Not all mods are MLP. ps, i made this mod pack for the lulz.
Collection by INCOMING
Collection by Paladin of Autism
Collection by Maximator
Battlefield 3
Collection by E1ectricNova
Battlefield mods put into one collection.
Best L4D HD
Collection by Revenge
my colection
Collection by Blake
L4D2 mods
Collection by Levelz
L4D2 mods
Collection by Cyber Drive (BLR)
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