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Attack of the Bluegrass: Music Collection
Collection by Doc
A mountain music makover for: - Special Infected - Jukebox (coming soon) - Menu (coming soon) - Dark Carnival Finale (coming soon) - Credits (coming soon)
Collection by Deadpool221
All the deadpool mods
Gangnam Style - Tank/Concert/Credits Music
Collection by ₩ɨƶ
"Everything replaced with Gangnam Style music by PSY" Tank music and a short music clip for safe room Concert music and stage poster of PSY Ending credits music All together makes a fun and entertaining game and a great concert!
Collection by komando
Octavia Stuff
Collection by Turnoverman
Uhm. I got requested to make a bunch of Octavia stuff, so I did. Then I made a collection 'cuz I was like "well... there's 5 items that start with the same word... they should be a collection."
=!*JEGUES*!= Maps Collection
Collection by ' JegueBauer '
A great map collection on Workshop. Also all maps are running on my custom dedicated server. =!*JEGUES*!= Custom Maps veja comunidade !jointeam
L4D2 Collection
Collection by 0lando
Everything to be longer excited. Just a few things, more high res than the original ones. And more important, some Campaigns.
Exotic weapons and designs
Collection by z-impi
- Weapon designs - texture replacements - Model replacements - scripts - user interface - combination of mods tested for bugs - campaigns included
Left 4 Kawaiiii
Collection by Kaksdee
Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Hitler's DotA army + Donkey Kong ANIME FTW KAWAIII SEPPUKU HARAKIRI!!!!!!!! http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21643 Ultradimension Neptunia Theme Video to complete your L4D2 theme that changes background video so it wi...
Collection by Dudeman
All my favorite Minecraft add-ons.
Military Survivors
Collection by Flying Doctor
All multicam tactical skins made by TOG | K1CHWA for all survivors (except Nick). What if all characters from the L4D were from the army?
Killing with aperture style
Collection by Thatbrownmonster
If you use all this collection you will be able to choose between many portal things like map,mods etc.
Bloody Blighty
Collection by Corvatile
'God Save the Queen... God Save us All' Bloody Blighty is a work-in-progress campaign set in London. It will feature four brand-new survivors, five chapters with real-life locations and large amounts of custom content. Created by Brickinator and ...
Best MLP Mods For Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by LoaTheWolf
Best MLP: FIM mods for Left 4 Dead 2
GM L4D2 addons
Collection by [GM] Dark
L4D2 pack :A
Collection by Myslaw
Pack of best modificatios :D
Swooping Bears - Aperture Science Inevitable Pack (Portal 2)
Collection by m1lk
Aperture Science Content from Swooping Bears.
Elissey Collection
Collection by Miek
kerk12's pipe bomb adjustments
Collection by kerk12™
In this collection I have included three of my best mods. What these mods do is change the fuse color of the pipe bomb along with the blinking light, when thrown. Please give them a rate up/fav if you like them :D. If you wish to suggest a new color, y...
Left 4 pony
Collection by Crashie™ B-Day 2 Days
Floozy penguin
Collection by priest of buddah
if i was a giraffe id smell like a fruity pillow
Realistic Collection 1 (Enviroment & Fx)
Collection by Diana
[ENG / PT-BR] This collection was tested several tims on multiplayer and contains: / Essa coleção foi testada diversas vezes no modo multijogador e contém: + New textures. / Novas texturas. + New enviroment models. / Novos modelos do ambiente. + ...
Collection by Twowestex/Westeh!
A not-so-scary-joke halloween workshop addon collection pack. Let's make it more spooky :D If you have any problems with mdl errors, simply restart your Left4Dead 2 and wait a bit, until all the addons are loaded up.
Filthy Weeaboo Mods
Collection by Bobby Hill
Filthy weeaboo mods for L4D2
~For Friends~
Collection by iiNFaMoUsZv2
Just for friends :D
SKJ L4D2 Mutation Collection
Collection by ✪SuperKillJuul✪
This collection includes all mutions I've ever made for L4D2! enjoy them! - = Removed + = Added ~ = Changed Latest update: +smartfriends will be added soon: -nothing in plan P.s. Be sure u join our steam group to receive usefull informatio...
L4D2: Minecraft Edition
Collection by Davos
Well, L4D2 just got pushed back to square one. It's obvious. I really shouldn't even say. *sigh* This collection changes the survivors, weapons, infected and other miscellaneous stuff into Minecraft-styled stuff. I tried to collect every single Minecra...
such mod very collection wow
Collection by Pølse
Collection by Scuzzelbut
A collection of a few re-animations
Collection by GoldGaming™
I take NO CREDIT for this i just made this so you can hav a TLOU collection for L4D2 i'v made a Gmod to but i take no credit only %1 for making a collection.
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