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The Full Weeb Pack
Collection by Macaroni™
ayy lmao
Russian Weapon Pack (from Stalker, Metro 2033)
Collection by Roger_Stone
List of Weapons: Knife: Stalker's Hunting Knife. Pistols: Makarovs. Shotguns: Toz-87; Toz-194; Baikal MP-153; KS-23. Sub-machine Gun: AK-47; AK-74M; AKS-74u; AK-12; 9A-91; AN-94. Sniper Rifle: VSS Sniper; Zastava М76; Mosin-Nagant 91/30; Dragunov ...
Left 4 Dead 2 Ilustre
Collection by Calculín
Para el ilustrismo.
StarFox Pack
Collection by BecomingBig E
Almost everything that has to do with StarFox will be in this collection.
Heads Will Roll
Collection by Dracrius
Aim for the head or join the dead! Based on work done by LoadedAK47 in his Gamemodes Script Pack and Trashy Spartan's Real Size Magazines and M16-SCAR Swap (with bigger smg clips to match the P90's I like to use but are not included in this mod). Welcome ...
Touhou L4D2
Collection by Kneesocks
Steins;Gate Concert Collection
Collection by Ċhieƒ
Collection of two mods that add Steins;Gate themed concert music and posters.
PandaNeko's Collection! >:D
Collection by felipeIgnaciio_pr
Its Fun! :DDD
Just for Friends
Collection by Blazed Effect
Deathcraft map stuffs
Collection by Puddin' McJingles
Mods and map sections necesary for the Deathcraft II campain.
Collection by Sulaco Actual
"Tired of Zombies? Then try BUG HUNT: ALIENS HAVE INVADED. Vicious alien insects called "Warrior Bugs" have attacked and infested Earth. you play as one of 4 "Anarchist" survivors with an all new arsenal of weapons as you not only struggle to survive the ...
Battlefield 3
Collection by srcgame2
This collection adds player models and guns from battlefield 3 for all the survivors and guns in l4d2, with credits of solomons theme. hope you enjoy
Wu-Tang Collection
Collection by Traxellus
Replaces a lot of the music & a few sounds to Wu-Tang Clan. I will be making more & at some point will be adding a list of what Wu songs are replacing the originals.
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by AymericTheNightmare
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Grey's Realism Mods
Collection by jawhny knoppersen
Not all of these mods are mine. In fact, only the realistic blood seen in the preview pic is mine. However, all of these mods work together to make a splendid and realistic Left 4 Dead 2 that is still much more fun to play.
Collection by FARTER
Nyan Cat Healing
Collection by Qwazzy
Nyan Cat healing - both kit skin and healing sound.
Fingers' Favorite Realism Mods L4D2
Collection by Fingers
With the exception of the character skins, this collection gives the game a more realistic feel. After playing the game so long I was beginning to get bored and these items were able to help breath new life into the experience for me. To summarize, al...
Black & White Collection by .red
Collection by .red aka paranoid ninja
T.V Mods
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
TV mods Animated T.Vs PC monitors
High Definition Pack (HD Left 4 Dead)
Collection by Captain is a Condom
No conflicts(Only a valve glitch detecting conflicts on a map, but thats not a real conflict, just a bug, ignore it), High definition Pack by Izuna(Me), Replaces almost everything and works in every mode, i didnt tested dedicated servers for now, but i ca...
Hunter's collection
Collection by Hunter|AZR|
Just a collection
Item Skins
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
Fireworks cases Pipebomb Skins Throwables Medkit Skins Item reskins etc
Left For Dead 2 Enhanced
Collection by Dee
This collection of mods contains; Reskins, Remodels & Retextures of the most important things in the game, such as; Models, guns, MISC items, Infected, Special Infected, map textures, lighting and the HUD. This collection should make the game look and fee...
Addbue's Unique Sound Mods
Collection by addbue
This collection contains various Sound Mods that i made And Helped out with people. There will be more to come but for now, enjoy my sound mods that i have to offer :)
L4D1/2 Helmet Voice Filters
Collection by Jon-Nobo
A collection of all the Helmet Voice Filter packs I've made, for ease of download.
L4D2 Training
Collection by Bacon Pancakes
Training as and against special infected
L4D - L4D2 Backgrounds
Collection by The Unknown
Classic L4D1 Transformation Pack
Collection by Du3lRab 1310
This transformation pack will give the look and feel of Left 4 Dead 1 to this version of L4D2. It will not entirely look like it, but it's close and I enjoy it and I want to share it with you.
Salvation & Raffinement
Collection by Verðandi 「楽園の巫女」
« À défaut d'user de stratégie, on peut néanmoins anéantir de façon spectaculaire. »
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