Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Left 4 Portal 2
Collection by: Linard
The Full GTA Collection
Collection by: CrazyGamer
The Full GTA Collection Warning - Some mods conflict with others!
Octavia Stuff
Collection by: Turnoverman
Uhm. I got requested to make a bunch of Octavia stuff, so I did. Then I made a collection 'cuz I was like "well... there's 5 items that start with the same word... they should be a collection."
Kaz's Big Damn Fiddle Collection
Collection by: Miller
"The inspection was nothing but a smokescreen. I heard explosions, then... THEY PLAYED US LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE!" A collection of mods based around Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller's infamous line from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.
Ziryon1's Addons Pack
Collection by: Ziryon1
En esta colección incluiré todos los Addons que uso para jugar Left 4 Dead 2, está disponible la opción de "Suscribirse a todos", aunque no es necesario tenerlos activados a todos para el correcto funcionamiento, se puede activar y desactivar el Addon...
Raging Bullet's Workshop
Collection by: [=AHC=] Raging Bullet™
This collection have all mods that I uploaded to the Workshop.
Various Loading Screens
Collection by: Nate Almighty!!!?
Collection of Various (Mostly Anime Probably) Loading Screens :) Enjoy :) If you have a request..request it on my profile xD
My addons list
Collection by: Dameius[RamRod]
a list of addons I have installed, but maybe not activated
My Twilight Sparkle Reskins
Collection by: Turnoverman
Uhm. I noticed that I have a lot of Twilight stuff, so I made a collection. It makes sense that I have a lot of Twilight stuff, she is both best pony and best princess. I use a lot more Twilight stuff than I have in this collection, but I got it all at l4...
Team 4 Dead
Collection by: [MP] DoctorStrogg
TF2 reskins for L4D2. Have fun with Horsemen and Soldiers)
For a better Look
Collection by: Doktor von Hinten
Just for a better Look....
Minecraft Survival Collection
Collection by: The Hooded Man
Collection of survival maps made by me.
Fallout Collection
Collection by: Matulaak
A bunch of Items making L4D2 feel more like Fallout.
HD текстуры + Специфекты + HUD + Новые модели + Музыка
Collection by: NeNeRoG
HD текстуры + специфекты + HUD + Новые модели Всё это будет обновляться! Что то я буду добавлять так что бы игра не превратилась в убожество!
CS:GO AK-47 Skins
Collection by: Aff'Roh
AK-47 Skins ported from CS:GO
TytanFall Weapons (TitanFall Weapons)
Collection by: SandySwarm21
TytanFall Weapons Pack / TitanFall Weapons Pack
Collection by: ­╬═ ℊℛℑἧčℎ ϟϟ
Fantastic L4D2 (by Rorschach)
Collection by: Rorschach
Набор модов для L4D2
Survivors in L4D2
Collection by: st-MK
Best Survivors mods for Left 4 Dead 2 found in Workshop.
Geezers In Arms Mod Collection
Collection by: BlakJak70
This is a collection of mods for the Geezers In Arms Gaming Community. All credit for the creation of any and all mods contained in this collection go to the individual authors.
Grampzi's Ulimtate L4D2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Grampzi
All credit goes to mod creaters. This is just a big collection of all the mods i have gathered over time, hope you like!.
Derpy stuff for me and icecube
Collection by: Lord of MooMoos
I like food
NxE's Collection of collectioness
Collection by: Igor L
Mods and stuff that replace everything, sort of.
loft fo dadz
Collection by: Chromarict
Left4Dead 2 mods for me and my friends.
Awesome Left For Dead 2 Addons!
Collection by: Zephen
The walking dead pack by Jason
Collection by: Jason IV.
The walking dead mod + good custom contents
Mods that make the game turn to Awesome!
Collection by: Yuka Mochida
For people who can't findawesome mods!!!!!!! Credit for The people who made these mods :)
for my friends
Collection by: Widda_K
these are just some things that my friends need to get so we can play with each other and have a great time! These aren't on the workshop yet so please download them by clicking on them: Redemption II: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=10989 ...
L4D modpack
Collection by: watch out for that plane
my items when i play
Just For Fun
Collection by: Johny
The mods that i like to use for l4d2... just sharing it. (all mods work with each other)
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