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L4D2 OraPlay
Collection by xXDarkPatate54Xx
Mods L4D2
Collection by sergioviciado
TF2 in L4D2!
Collection by crabfan123
This collection replaces various things in L4D2 with stuff from TF2! Currently, the only playable TF2 character is tbe Scout whom which replaces Ellis. All content belongs to there rightful owners, I didn't make them. Have fun and enjoy!
Collection by Lack-Gandor
Memesquad Anime 4 Dead
Collection by Kagami
i memed u lel
Gaming/Other Flashlights
Collection by Rom & Ram (White Sisters)
Its just for other flashlights and stuff, also most likely requests.
Jordans Mod Collections
Collection by Kingjamjam
Just some mods I like
Favorite Skins
Collection by FUCK YOU
Favorite Skins that I've found in the workshop
Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by Denza69
Collection by Sceris (Best hunter NA)
Corpse Party Flashlights
Collection by Rom & Ram (White Sisters)
For my Corpse Party Flashlights
Private Kollektion
Collection by DDayZGames
Alles kompartibel solange du alle anderen Addons deaktivierst!
Trist's L4D2 Mods
Collection by Trist
Chariz L4D2
Collection by 「星降る火龍廟」
Remove Kebab
Collection by apwn]Cnote1337spoderman♞
for aidan and mitchell
L4D2 scary realistic mods
Collection by Wolfie
All My L4D Addons
Collection by Xx_Sexy_Narwhale_xX
Left 4 Sweg 2
Collection by TangoDinosaur
This collection is the best collectioning of all time, downloads and just feel the power that it holds.
Addons pour Halo
Collection by R4d6
Des Addons qui rend le jeu Left 4 Dead 2 plus Halo PS:les Splitters et les Hunters ne sont pas changé , car je n'ai soit pas trouver d'addons pour la Spitter ou qu'il ne marche pas en multi (Hunters).
Boyster's L4D2 Collection
Collection by Boysters
Bo Schmit's Pack Of Amazeballs
Collection by General
My Mods
Collection by Mr.CAT
My Fucked L4D2
Collection by DapCutscene
This is for my friends who wonder why I play so much L4D2.
Collection by カッパ
CustardCustodian's Mods
Collection by CustardCustodian
This on-going collection replaces all survivors and special zombies. I've included some graphics enhancements as well as some sounds.
Matts Mod stuff
mod stuff
L4D2 Booster Pack
Collection by Mr. Snyder
Some stuff to improve upon the look of the base game but while keeping the original items intact. I tried filling this with as many HD remodels and retextures as I could, but it ended up chugging the performance of the game massively... So, I just replace...
Collection by RSG Chroll
Left 4 Dead 2 collection.
i has addons :3
Collection by Der Chainsaw | ダニエル
muh addons for left 4 dead 2 :3
Tawok's Sweaty Summer 15 Package
Collection by Apocky+Tawok
Tawoks Mods for L4D2 Summer 2015, featured in youtube video n shit
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