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L4D2 mods
Collection by |TBB| generouski
Collection by FlareWalker
Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by Microsoft Word®
Stuff that looks cool (In my opinion) for left 4 dead 2
Collection by UltimateEnd_
Dis is mah shizzle
My L4D2 Customization
Collection by DrBones
Makes it look more interesting.
Collection by Joshius
Knight Roleplay
Collection by MUNDO
Collection by SMASH
High Definition upgrades for many ingame objects. All credits go to the original Authors
Realistic HD Things
Collection by Paulisdead18
This set of mods aims to create a more enhanced version of L4D2 with a lot of HD replacements of items and models. None of these addons conflict with each other, so feel free to download all of them.
Game-Core Left 4 Dead 2 Package
Collection by »AzZero-X«
Paulisdead18's Campaign Map Pack
Collection by Paulisdead18
This is just a collection of the custom campaigns i've installed so my friend's can play them too.
SpykeXD's Favorite Character Skins
Collection by Spyke
Just some of my favorite character skins. This is for my friends so they can easily get to mods I may have mentioned before.
SpykeXD's Favorite Weapon/Item Skins
Collection by Spyke
Just a collection of some of my favorite weapon and item skins. These only include weapons you can pick up and use, not models or textures in the campaigns.
SpykeXD's Favorite Maps/Campaigns
Collection by Spyke
Here are all the maps and campaigns I have installed.
Collection by Dukenukem4343
Current Used Mods
Collection by Ross Perot
Collection by Ridan
Collection for Friends
Collection by SilverWolf
This is just A collection I made to easily share the skins I use with friends or other skin users I encounter.
Weapons of the Russian Army
Collection by HydrophobicWater
*Disclaimer: I own none of these items, if the original creator wants me to take any of their item(s) taken off i will take them off. This being my 5th weapon collection i thought i would do a country of proud, noble, drunkmen RUSSIA! All these guns wi...
Killbot's Slave Boy
Collection by mklavo30
What I have been taught by Master Killbot.
Collection by [E.G.P]BJ오랭쥐
Collection by averagejabroni8 BJF!
mapz fo niggers
Collection by Austin
L4D2 Addons pack. PS. I should have tried it earlier...
Collection by Tordiff
WARNING: May contain traces of lead.
Weapons of the British SAS
Collection by HydrophobicWater
*DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE ITEMS, IF THE ORIGINAL CREATOR WANTS THEIR ITEM REMOVED I WILL TAKE IT OFF.* Time for another wepaons pack, this time the British SAS. The weapons assembled should work togeather.
Modern L4D2
Collection by ElPino
Espero que les gusten :3
t0x's Special Infected Pack
Collection by t0xin`
Special Infected Collection. All Skins Made By Splinks.
my stuff
Collection by Jason
my list
l4d2 mod
Collection by amakano
Download dees
Collection by kKk_nigg3rkiller_kKk
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