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Left 4 Dead 2 Enhancement Project
Collection by: Promega X KAT
PROJECT STILL IN BETA Left 4 Dead 2 Enhancement Project is a Collection containing High detailed items, skins, colors, weapons, and sound mod that is aim to enhance your game play experience by adding more Realism ...
Derpy Hooves Weapons and More
Collection by: ROKBASSS
=English= If you like pony called Derpy then Subcribe and give me like! And like authors because they awful cute person's :3 =Русский= Если тебе нравиться Пони Дёрпи, тогда подпишись на все моды,...
=!*JEGUES*!= Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: =!*JEGUES*!=
=!*JEGUES*!= Left 4 Dead 2 Server Enhancement
Collection by: Midnight \(^o^)/
Team Fortress 2 Stuff
Collection by: ShavedFanatic
Team Fortress 2 is probably one of the silliest fps out there, so why not put it in Left 4 Dead 2? It's Team Fortress 2! That's all I have to say! Check out some of my other collections from other games as well! (Portal, Half-Life, Borderlands, etc....
Conflictless HD Collection
Collection by: vanLovic
A graphical boost that this game deserves, without compromising the original. HD Collection with top rated addons from various authors Conflict Zero. (Play with/against vanilla users, in any server) A new reason to play again L4D2 with yo...
DB5's Apocalypse
Collection by: [HU] Raven
DB5's Apocalypse is an overhaul for Left for Dead 2. Collection of High detailed items, skins, colors, weapons, sound and more. For best result, install the full pack.
Medkit Colors Collection!
Collection by: dragonlife
As the title says, they're just simple color edits for those tired of the boring red medkit. Nothing fancy. I recommend you just add all the ones you like so you can switch colors easily when the mood strikes. Just make sure to check them on and off in th...
TheCookiemob's Music/Sound Mods!
Collection by: TheCookiemob
Heya! What is this place exactly? Let me tell you: A place full of aliens No seriously now I should stop trying to be funny because I'm not. XP This place is where you'll find ALL of my mods in one place. YES, ALL of my mods work for both L4D1...
Nerf Weapons
Collection by: Ḉṝᾇẑỷ
Nerf Weapon Replacers
7-elephant's L4D2 Weapons Collection
Collection by: [LPG] 7-elephant
My collection of L4D2 weapons
My collection
Collection by: Kandy Kane
This collection contains the reskins I have created and what I currently use in Left 4 Dead 2. Make sure to check if any mods collide with each other.
Left 4 Dead Crazy Shit
Collection by: RichjhAlex
funny shit
HK MK23 SOCOM Collection (Magnum)
Collection by: Reaper [PC Problems]
Collection showing off the SOCOM Mods that replaces the Magnum, along with appropiate sound mods.
Collection by: Oranger 2002
Collection by: jmz
A realistic \ FUN! super MEGAPACK for L4D2. Not every item but acouple might conflict if subed to all. So just choose the ones or one you want. And remember to rate up and HAVE FUN!
Metal Gear Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: Kazduin
A collection of L4D2 Metal Gear mods
L4D2 Dota 2 mods ( my favorites )
Collection by: FlameJonah29
These are a selection of all my favorite L4D2 mods based on dota 2. I do not own any of these mods just my favorites. Enjoy and suggest any other good mods
Dalty's Comix masacer!
Collection by: Gimli the ganker
Left 4 Dead 2 - Interior & Exterior Decoration
Collection by: -sCo-
This collection contains interior and exterior decoration like boxes, cabinets, cooler, vehicles and other stuff.
Lars Erik Fjosne Music Mods
Collection by: Relaxed Creeper
This collection has mods I made that replaces L4D2 music with music made by Lars Erik Fjosne.
Z! Summer Customs
Collection by: [s] drizzy
Z! Summer - The following custom maps are playable on the server at this time:
Left 4 Dead 2: Super Awsome Extreme 80's Edition
Collection by: Enemy Infant Tree
Vinyl jackets, neon lights and fluorescent tights. Heavily inspired by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and and the futuristic style adopted in many movies, games, and TV shows from the period itself, this collection (or 'almost-total- conversion') of Mods ...
Tя!cky's Concert and Sound Mods ツ
Collection by: Tя!cky 2 ツ
All my Dark Carnival Concert and Sound Mods ツ
Choujigen Game Neptune Mods (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Collection by: 『Pohwaran』 [目隠しダ]
Here have a List of all the "Choujigen Game Neptune" Mods (Hyperdimension Neptunia) I have made. So feel free to choose your favorites once.
Molten Infected Pack
Collection by: [BnZ] Eagle
This is the collection for my L4D2 Molten Infected. Includes all the Special Infected with Molten Textures.
Custom Intros + Backgrounds
Collection by: Alcatraz Zombie
Just some custom intros I thought would be pretty cool for L4D2. I plan to make more over time and they will typically consist of anime intros, videos from cod zombies, and whatever else I feel like making. If you have issues installing these, please watc...
- [ Peril's Immersive Collection ] -
Collection by: Peril
Your Thu'uum is strong, Dovahkiin.
Minecraft L4D2 Stuffz!~
Collection by: Frost
This is all of my favorite Minecraft workshop mods for L4D2... Enjoy! (You'll have to go select which common zombies mod to use in the Add-Ons button in the main menu, it'll be Deathcraft Zombies or Minecraft Zombies to choose from.)
Adventure Time Mods
Collection by: MetroKoolAid
Anything Adventure Time related including my mods and other peoples mods. There WILL be conflicting files so make sure you select the addons you want.
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