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American Dad Mods by ManicMannequin!
Collection by: ManicMannequin
A collection of American Dad mods I made! I'm planning to add on more to this collection. Infact I am currently working on the Roger Jockey Sound mod. :)
Stay Puft Tank Pack
Collection by: Stay Puft
This is a collection of Stay Puft tank mods (music and model replacements).
Oilcake's L4D2 Maps
Collection by: Oilcake
Hey! This collection includes all my published mapping work for L4D2... I'll expand it as work progresses! Hope you enjoy the maps!
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Ballistic PhoeNiX
Molten Infected Pack
Collection by: Indigo
This is the collection for my L4D2 Molten Infected. Includes all the Special Infected with Molten Textures.
Choujigen Game Neptune Mods (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Collection by: 『Pohwaran』 [目隠しダ]
Here have a List of all the "Choujigen Game Neptune" Mods (Hyperdimension Neptunia) I have made. So feel free to choose your favorites once.
Collection by: ҜĭłєÞє
I am doing this collection that will add almost everything in L4D2 in anime. Among these animes are: -Add: -Bat ) -Cricket bat ) - HOTD (Highschool of Dead) -AK47 ) -Scar Light ) -Tank music ) -Machine soda...
Neon Suit Special Infected
Collection by: Belphi
This is my Neon Suit Special Infected COLLECTION, examine it closely, test some of my neon suit special infected, Rate and Subscribe....have fun! :)
Lightning's Pony skins
Collection by: ϟL❢ghtning Dustϟ
Just a little somewhere where I can put all my shit together in one place.
Skullgirls Left 4 Dead
Collection by: {VAC} AxMan
Sound mods and mods for L4D 2 using Skullgirls
Titanfall Weapons And Survivors [In Progress]
Collection by: MrBasti™ | NINJA DEFUSE
This is a collection of weapons and characters of titanfall, is in progress and the addons are not my own. enjoy it :D [All Credits To Twilight Sparkle And Takashi Komuro]
Call of Duty: Zombies
Collection by: [HC:S] TH3GAMEBO55
Just a collection. Don't mind that it will be of a single Treyarch Call of Duty game, there may have both Black Ops and Black Ops II, there may be even have from World at War.
MLP themed special infected
Collection by: Ntuni
all special infected (minus tanks) have been ponified and here they are
Kool Aid Collection
Collection by: Stay Puft
This is just to make things easier. Here you can find both the sound effects mod and the actual model replacement for the Kool Aid tank replacement.
L4F2 HD Collection
Collection by: NwLyer
Most useful workshop mods
Collection by: BÖBOUDA
This is a collection for workshop mods that I find especially useful in game or for training. There is no weapon skin or character skin bullshit (exept one but you'll see, this is necessary). Game in general: - Urik Game Menu Menu in game: al...
Minecraft Skins
Collection by: GingieMalmsteen
All Minecraft skins for Left4Dead 2 characters, zombies, weapons..
Fallout Collection
Collection by: Kami'aka'ZE
Коллекция состоит из модификации оружии, персонажей, а также музыкальное сопровождение из игр серии Fallout
Derpy Hooves Weapons and More
Collection by: ROKBASSS
=English= If you like pony called Derpy then Subcribe and give me like! And like authors because they awful cute person's :3 =Русский= Если тебе нравиться Пони Дёрпи, тогда подпишись на все моды,...
Urik Fonts
Collection by: Urik
Be advised that for current build of L4D2 & workshop, you need to use the following command to load fonts from console: alias reloadfont "mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 1; mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 0" -you need to replace "1920 1080" with your l4d2 res...
ruth collection
Collection by: ruth
Mejoras y nuevas pantallas
Best Co-op Campaigns
Collection by: squall50000
A collection of the best community campaigns I've played so far, followed by an HD graphics collection which will change how Left 4 Dead 2 looks a bit. I will periodically update the collection with campaigns I enjoyed.
The Coolest addon collect
Collection by: Tang
Add-addon collected via the My examination're Weapons'll be the most convergent crash will not happen. Shotgun mode crashes game to dig, but could do without Download a lot of me sorry i cant english well. 이 에드온들은 모두 저의 ...
Top Campaigns
Collection by: sonofevil
Highest ranking campaigns for quick sharing with friends. Items do not contain mods affecting the rest of the game (I hope).
Anime / Video Game Flashlights
Collection by: Nate Almighty!!!
A collection of Anime (mostly) & video game Flashlights *These are really fast to make so just request if you want one, try to keep them pretty appropriate ;) *Will be adding more in the future.
DB5's Apocalypse
Collection by: [HU] Raven
DB5's Apocalypse is an overhaul for Left for Dead 2. Collection of High detailed items, skins, colors, weapons, sound and more. For best result, install the full pack.
Adventure Time Mods
Collection by: MetroKoolAid
Anything Adventure Time related including my mods and other peoples mods. There WILL be conflicting files so make sure you select the addons you want.
Medkit Colors Collection!
Collection by: dragonlife
As the title says, they're just simple color edits for those tired of the boring red medkit. Nothing fancy. I recommend you just add all the ones you like so you can switch colors easily when the mood strikes. Just make sure to check them on and off in th...
XenoAisam Collection
Collection by: alatnet
Collection of XenoAisam Models. If you would like to know more about these models visit http://xenoaisam.deviantart.com or http://xenoaisam.com.
Hu3 Hu3 Hu3
Collection by: Dragonyk
Coleção de diversas doideras brs!
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