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Collection by: Deathnutter
LFD2 mods
Collection by: Burned_Raven [CaLF
My Mods
Collection by: Kem!ko |CaLF
My Mods
Collection by: T}{at_guy
mi coleccion left 4 dead !!!!
Collection by: S3bAst1An
las cosas estan buenas y las texturas igual...y.... no se
Kollektion L4D2
Collection by: Campo
SPBET (Special Purpose Biohazard Extermination Team)
Collection by: [Cafe]Sentinel
Below you will find mods/add-ons that will make up the SPBET Unit, include infected skins, weapon retextures, survivor retextures, and some other items.
Ͼᵖ™٩(◕‿-)™Ͼᵖ Mod's Collection
Collection by: Ͼᵖ™
Ͼᵖ™٩(◕‿-)™Ͼᵖ Mod's Colleciton
Collection by: Lego
Collection by: Phantom Rathie
Do you want to learn BINARY
Awesome L4D2 shit
Collection by: Hellguy480
Big ol pile of workshop mods
Collection by: hertz18360
This should mimic the email sent. Should have several new maps, new weapon mods, and a few misc files; incl the Benny Hill sound mod for Witch & Tank.
Collection by: ☢Cerebral Disgorge☢
KingPhilipMetacomet's Collection
Collection by: Leonardo Decapabro
My mods.
Badass mods.
Collection by: Dr. Gonzo
some generally badass mods.
Keiltreibers Choice
Collection by: Keiltreiber
Skins, Sounds and fun some skins cause conflict choose one in game
Collection by: Bling Clinton
Mods I use for my local server
best mods
Collection by: I am a Fence
just mods
Collection by: Sam_Justin
l4d stuff
Monicles weapons and charaters
Collection by: Alec?
weapons and player skins i use, thanks to all the great modders out ther who made these
Infected Skins and Sounds
Collection by: Alec?
My favorite skins i want to be able to find later
Collection by: Zim
Andrew's L4D2 Pack
Collection by: andrewjt1
L4D2 my collection
Collection by: DarkSlayerEX
Left 4 dead
Collection by: Joseeeh :3
My first collection. Dunno anything about it.
Left 4 Zoey
Collection by: Ant.py
Cool stuff found in the Steam Workshop ;)
Private Collection
Collection by: hλlio
Til de af os som at det er at der er nice.
Collection by: GamerManPerson
Random Shit
Collection by: Pugsy™
Random Shit
L4D2 mods
Collection by: THE PIG LOVE
guns 'n' shiz
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