Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Collection by: Verteidiger der Reichs Festive
epic maps created by other people
Collection by: garry727
SpriteFreezer Collection: Survivors
Collection by: SpriteFreezer
Собираю красивые и атмосферные модели выживших. Могу корректировать в зависимости от найденого контента в мастерской.
SpriteFreezer Collection: Secondary Stuff
Collection by: SpriteFreezer
Собираю второстепенные вещи в некоторой степени упрощающие игру. Могу корректировать в зависимости от найденого контента в мастерской.
SpriteFreezer Collection: Nice Bonuses
Collection by: SpriteFreezer
Собираю в коллекцию приятные вещи которые видоизменяют игру и придают ей своеобразной красоты. Могу корректировать в зависимости от найде...
The set of items I use (Flaming Boomer)
Collection by: Flaming Boomer
*NOTE* I do not take any rights on any of these items, I only want people to know what workshop items I use. *NOTE*
For Friends
Collection by: Willkill
My L4D2 Stuff
Collection by: BadTequila
Just trying to get a map. geez
LFD2 Mods
Collection by: chagascruzi
My Guns
Collection by: Gerby
Mijn wapens
tehSharkness' Map Collection
Collection by: tehSharkness
Also contains the Vivid Menu + Mutation mod.
Visual Aids
Collection by: Aura
These addons are meant to help make it easier for your to see 1) the zombies in front of you, 2) the health & status of your teammates, and 3) items in your surroundings --the third point, hopefully, being helpful if and when you play realism.
Collection by: cortez
Collection by: jacky971210
Scoot's Collection of L4D2 maps
Collection by: Master Scootie
L4D2 maps for my friends.
Nazraels Modkiste
Collection by: Nazrael
Gute Dinge müssen geteilt werden.
For the Hoiston
Collection by: Smiguel
For u
Kiplands shit
Collection by: Rum Ham
The Silliness
Collection by: Fat Fronk
Collection by: masterfire25
L4d2 rekindlin
Collection by: CORB
making this game fun for me again, because yes!
The Family Skins
Collection by: Mista J
Guns that Replaces the Silenced Mac 10
Collection by: WillOw S.H.O.T.
All of the Guns I have that Replaces the Silenced Mac 10
random lets play stuff
Collection by: -T.B.A-Floop
Hat Party Official L4D2 Mod Pack
Collection by: Stealthy Robot
Cohort and the NIgger
Collection by: Cohort™
Collection by: Three DoG
For Seamus only
Collection by: Three DoG
For Seamus only.
Weapon Mods
Collection by: x[G]amer117x
Many L4D2 weapons mods I personally use in the game, subscribe to these if you like them!
все для фарма
Collection by: Dexter 1990
авп подсветка
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