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Моя коллекция.
Collection by ♣♠-_-Blow-Flow-_-♠♣
Просто моя сборка.
SMAW's Jihad Collection
Collection by It's A SMAW
A collection of sound files and remodels that will be sure to pack an EXPLOSION! Fight as either a patriot (USMC) or as Al-Qaeda's most fierce leader (Osama Bill-Laden) in the zombie apocalypse. The ultimate "MERICA" vs. "ALLAHU AKBAR" collection of mods!...
The Gentlemen's Collection
Collection by mercury_filter
Here is a set of mods that I have enjoyed in the course of my grand quest to disregard, nay violate, the creative vision of the developers of Left 4 Dead 2, for my own entertainment. The respective creators should be showered with adulation for their fine...
M16 variables
Collection by Androkles
Ealeemophd L4D2 versus maps
Collection by Ealeemophd
L4D2 Fun Pack 1
Collection by sSmacKk
Just a grouping of some interesting mods for L4D2. All credits go to their creators.
L4D2 Stuff
Collection by Gearz
L4D2 Stuff
L4d2 addons (No touchy)
Collection by Stoney Abbott
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Random stuffs
Collection by rinzler2400 (Having isp issues)
Stuff for friends
SMAW's Erotic Collection
Collection by It's A SMAW
Take a trip to the undead bedroom with my collection of the sexiest and hottest mods on the Workshop. This apocalypse is upon us, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fine ladies and a good time! Enjoy Zoey's physics and various HOT weapons such as t...
Collection by ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Chorros
Just all the things I subscribe to for L4D2 c:
Favorite LFD2 mods
Collection by Dabeastmodel100
Insidgaming/Funhaus Collection
Collection by Frozenfrost92
This is a collection of the mods that insidgaming played with when they did there left 4 dead lets play video thing. For some reason they left a link to the mods that they used but it's not there anymore so i did it myself so here you go. (NOTE!!!!...
Spooky Scary L4D2
Collection by CustardCustodian
This is for those of you players that feel you are too "comfortable" playing L4D2, and wish to emulate the traumatic feelings that you experienced on January 21, 1998, as you were playing Resident Evil 2. Likewise, as a first and last warning, this is not...
l4d 2 caj
Collection by fwuar12
omg must have
Collection by FranksThepal
Collection by Mr.Djoel
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