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Secret Agent Zoey Collection
Collection by: |NMRiH Dev| Lt. Rocky
All three variants of the Secrent Agent Zoey project from myself.
Lt. Rocky's Survivor Catalog
Collection by: |NMRiH Dev| Lt. Rocky
A collection of every survivor replacement I've done. More can always potentially arrive in the future, and I will make the proper images for the collection when I've done a project for all 8 survivors.
Real World Ammunition (Advance Version)
Collection by: XxEeNnXxEeIi
IMPORTANT!!! : If you're local host and other player can't join in your started game JUST OUT AND CREATE AGAIN!!!. !!!THIS VERSION FOR EXPERIENCE PLAYER!!! NOW!!! Version 1.02 -Change overall accuracy , recoil to the NEW THEORY for make different...
Jolly Christmas Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Jolly Christmas BiO
A simple Christmas-themed collection of Left 4 Dead 2 mods so that all the good children around the world can transform their favorite co-op game into a jolly Christmas apocalypse for the course of the season. After the festive times end, you can easily h...
Hoxton Voice Pack (Nick)
Collection by: Noire
Did you miss me you Wankers? Payday 2 Hoxton will replace Nick Subscribe to all parts to replace all of Nicks audio with Hoxton Hoxton Skin in video by Salad
Yuzzo's Halo collection
Collection by: Yuzzo il Bordeggiante
I made this collection to include all those mods based on halo that feel the most immersive and that can make the Left 4 Dead experience the closest to an odissey set in the Halo universe. Most of what is included is based on my personal taste, but i tri...
Azatoth's L4D2 Christmas collection
Collection by: Azatoth
My personal set of Christmas themed L4D2 workshop submissions. Apart from the deployable tree, I retained these that seemed to be not too eccentric and/or poorly made to me. Non-workshop items: Louis with Christmas Hat: http://www.gamemaps.com/de...
Left 4 Kawaii 2
Collection by: Akasuna
Tellement kawaii *__*
Real World Ammunition (Standard Version)
Collection by: XxEeNnXxEeIi
IMPORTANT!!! : If you're local host and other player can't join in your started game JUST OUT AND CREATE AGAIN!!!. NOW!!! Version 1.02 -Change overall accuracy , recoil to the NEW THEORY for make different and Balance and reaism all of ammunition. ...
[L4D2] Personal Christmas Collection
Collection by: CrazyMikeComics
A small collection of Christmas themed workshop mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
L4D1/2 Helmet Voice Filters
Collection by: Jon-Nobo
A collection of all the Helmet Voice Filter packs I've made, for ease of download.
Left 4 Spooky
Collection by: Jay_Dingo
Left 4 Dead 2 Realism
Collection by: Akillero
A collection that it has good stuff.
Death Aboard 2
Collection by: Ʌɱєtһyѕt ℛυƅʏ™
*.*.*.*CREDITS FOR MAKING THIS AMAZING CAMPAIGN GOES TO DIPUTS! *.*.*.* Collection containing all items needed for the campaign: Death Aboard 2. YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OF THE PARTS IN ORDER FOR THE CAMPAIGN TO WORK!
Prophet's "Guns that fire shots" Pack
Collection by: Prophet
Fire weapons made by Prophet, aka Yogensia. Only one out of three weapons so far fires actual shots. Mistakes were made. :C
The Ultimate Halo Collection [UHC]
Collection by: Hot Coffee
--------------------------------------------------- THE ULTIMATE HALO COLLECTION --------------------------------------------------- Description: Here is all you need for a Halo themed Left 4 Dead 2 playthrough. Some weapons and infected are not a...
Get Gud
Collection by: Fiddler
go away
For friends!
Collection by: ßŗõýô
Demon's Quick Fix
Collection by: Demon Games
It's just a quick fix.
Игра в HD формате
Collection by: ProRash☆NeneroG
Качественные работы, не портящие атмосферу игры, а так же не меняющие не чего, кроме текстур и анимаций. Всё проверено. Если какие то плагины...
Les armes, c'est rigolo !
Collection by: #H.G | Bang[FR]
Les armes, c'est rigolo ! (Aucun plagia a South Park n'est fait) C'est pourquoi, une collection avec plein de skins s'arme, (De bonne qualitée) ba c'est rigolo pour aller maltraité du Zombie ! Bref, une collection ajoutent quelques skins d'armes et d'ob...
Collection by: Darrylols
Christmas items
Collection by: Thunderous Queef ຈل͜ຈ
Christmas items.....enjoy
Endarpls Cast
Collection by: Duck
Christmas shit bruh
Collection by: Not Shrew
Stabby's Halo Pack
Collection by: Stabbin Ponuts
Halo shit, go away.
The Left-4-Dead Pony Pack
Collection by: Rainbow Blitz
Ponies yay!
Esquerda Quatro Morte - Quebrando bondes
Collection by: Nec;
must own 10/10
FNAF(Five Night At Freddy)
Collection by: Игнорщик
iLeft 4 Stuff - The Collection
Collection by: maksus
Makes nearly every visual aspect of the game well, dumb. Perfect if you want a reason to turn off your mods! You'll be begging for vanila EVERY TIME! Brain aunerysm GUARANTEED! Will clog up your HDD in NO TIME! Download NOW! (or later)
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