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★ Bayonet | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Collection by: endryu95
Bayonet knife from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
GTA Themed Survivors and Songs
Collection by: IlGropple
All the best GTA characters ported into survivors in the workshop will be here. And the best sound mod too! (My opinion of course!)
Halo Collection
Collection by: Pvt.Walker
This collection features model, sound, menu, images, textures, and many other replacers for Left 4 Dead 2 that aim to give the game the feeling that it is taking place somewhere in the Halo universe.
Beyond Good & Evil - Music Collection
Collection by: ☣ BadGalaxy ☣
A collection of sound mods from BGE.
Sera-chan's hug pillow collection
Collection by: Sera
Have shitty mods? nope
Left 4 Dead 2.5 HD
Collection by: MarurabaATX
A Collection of Vast Improvements to L4D2 while trying to maintain the L4D feel. intended for singleplayer use but can most likely be used in local games as i have with my roommates a few times with only a few crashes :( but singleplayer is best for this...
The L4D2 Swag-Pack
Collection by: sirmeatsalot
All the swag you need to kill zombies in style.
Super Mega Awesome Hyper Ultra Prefix Mods
Collection by: Andro
Just a mod collection that I've set up with my friends :D Enjoy!
School Days Collection
Collection by: Graveworm
Collection of mods from the anime: School Days it consist: Concert Mod, End Credits and other!!!
L4D2 Mod - Manaos & Pitusas
Collection by: GalaxyEnd
Te estan por cagar a bifes los zombies de la barra de velez, hasta que te acordas de lo que tenes en el bolsillo. Lo tiras, y todos los zombies se vuelven como locos, es la magia de la jarra de Manaos. Incluye sonido de "Vamos Manaos" al lanzarla. T...
Dead Vacation L4D2
Dead Vacation L4D2 version Campagin by Manneklint DISABLE ALL ADDONS!!!
The Random Sandwich Maker
Collection by: Deception
Random Things
Rockers models BABY!!!!!!!!
Collection by: ♜♠ The Observer ♠♜
Yeah baby :D
L4D1 Animation Set
Collection by: |NMRiH Dev| Lt. Rocky
A collection of the old animations (with variants) ported to the sequel by me. Remaining Projects: -Desert Eagle -Spas Shotgun -Burst Rifle -AK-47
mapas de treinamento
Collection by: Psycki_「SPG」
esta coleção foi criada com o intuito de ajudar ou aperfeiçoar suas abilidade em l4d2. segue abaixo uma pequena coleção de mapas de treinamento.
For fricking fun cause why not :P
Collection by: Subject One
Funny sounds replaces chars and more try it its best what i found between left 4 dead 2 mods
Modded L4D2 To play with me
Collection by: Fancy Faenix
Download it if your my friend to play L4D2 with me :)
Left 4 Cory
Collection by: Teddy Bunders
Cory in da house
Realistic Collection 2 (Skins & UI)
Collection by: Fox
[ENG / PT-BR] This collection was tested several tims on multiplayer and contains: / Essa coleção foi testada diversas vezes no modo multijogador e contém: + New skin for all survivors (not models). / Novas skins para todos sobreviventes (sem mudar...
Lone's Mods
Collection by: Lone Assassin
A collection of my currently subscribed mods.
Collection by: SoraKingdomKey3
I put stuff in a collection. Yay
LFD2 Anime All The Things
Collection by: TwilightSazuka
All survivors are anime characters.
Left 4 Dead 2 - Five Nights at Freddy's
Collection by: XxD4RKGAMERxX
Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person.
Collection by: [cc] Warren
An easy way for clan members to get the necessary campaigns/maps to play on the server, will update it as we go along. Just click subscribe to all.
My Left 4 Dead Survivor Setup Addon Extra Music Sounds and Stuff
Collection by: •••¿©®@©K?•••
My Left 4 Dead Survivor Setup Addon Extra Music Sounds and Stuff (My setup for all 8 survivors plus some extras... lots of music and funny sounds)
Missy's Collection
Collection by: ...Mıss G⁶⁹
Meine Waffenmods
Collection by: BananaBob
meine waffen
L4D2 Halo set
Collection by: NicoPikor
L4D2 HD Collecton
Collection by: 最高领 Mr.Pringles ☭ -
Collection by: ZyfLa
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