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Fallout HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for Fallout weapons.
Items HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for items.
CrossFire HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for CrossFire weapons.
HD| Weapon Retextures [WiP]
Collection by: Robert J. F. Calais
This collection contains my HD retextures for the default (and soon also custom) weapons, is currently a heavy work in progress and will get new content frequently.
IMI Mini Uzi Revisited
Collection by: tu stultus es
This collection contain all items related to the "IMI Mini Uzi Revisited" mods, including the weapons themselves and their respective HUD icons. Credits: Mini Uzi model - Schmung, modderfreak Silencer model - Syncing Flashlight assets - VALVe Tex...
Collection by: AbsoluteSoul
Titanfall Weapon pack
"Beta" Left 4 Dead Gameplay
Collection by: doomddtb
Here I've created a list of add-ons that work well together in creating a somewhat beta feel to Left 4 Dead (Playable in L4D2).
such mod very collection wow
Collection by: Pølse
Collection by: Sir.JJ
A halo collection
Jorrit is een mongol pack #1 Hotfix 2 versie. 2.0.4
Collection by: Pansassinator
Jorrit is een mongol pack #1 Hotfix 2 verssie. 2.0.4
Dank Modz
Collection by: Captain Insano
Dankest of the dank
l4d2 mods
Collection by: UnR8ted
Collection by: StelarLuke
Only for use by SPRTBROS PLUS members.
Collection by: ▼ Shadow Freddy ▼
Left 4 Weeaboo
Collection by: ライケン
Weeaboo access only.
Collection by: AbsoluteSoul
KillingFloor Weapon Pack
L4D2 Randomness Pack
Collection by: Hisoka Minami
I don't know anymore....
Richard's Throwable Weapons Collection
Collection by: Richard
==Items== 1.Biochemical Grenade(For Pipe Bomb); 2.Death Fog(For Vomit Jar); 3.Dragon Launcher(For Grenade Launcher); 4.Taiwan Beer(For Molotov); ==Credits== AG-w^(o.O)s, Richard, The Hanged Man. ==Info== The Biochemical Grenade and Dragon...
UG Pack
Collection by: Milky
For you Michael... <3 fuck you
Halo Conversion Pack
Collection by: ۞ [デイズ] Azami_HD
This pack will convert your game into a halo like universe, by replacing most of the models found within the game. None of these skins/models are mine, so please give credit to those who made them Hope you enjoy, and Happy Hunting!
Collection by: {HEAD>HONCHO}>(@ L @ )<
The Collection for handsome people
Collection by: Wilt "Too Short" Chamberlin
My colllection
Collection by: BooFire
우앙 ! 이스킨 멋지당!
Collection by: Tiro_Finale
Left 4 Dead 2 RUINED
Collection by: Exquisite English Communist
Just a bunch of mods I use to ruin left 4 dead 2
Headshot Paradise - L4D2 crosshair collection
Collection by: Quenelle. L4D2 cstm cmpgns grp
Collection of all the crosshairs i made. They are made to aim more accuratly and comfortably, especialy when playing on high resolutions. With thoose crosshairs headshots are more reliable and easier. People interrested in minimal UI/HUD will also be h...
L4D1/2 Helmet Voice Filters
Collection by: Jon-Nobo
A collection of all the Helmet Voice Filter packs I've made, for ease of download.
The Lunacy Collection
Collection by: OutroStreet
Want Left 4 Dead 2 to become an even more zany arcadey shooter? Look no further! Outro has you covered! I tried to cover everything in the entire game, but there are some things that I thought weren't compatible with my vision. If you see a monster withou...
Melee HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for melee weapons.
Captain Condescending's Ultimate Mod Pack 2015
Collection by: Captain Condescending
Collection of retextures, maps, scripts and general modifications to make L4D2 as good as it can be. All Items work together. Any reported conflicts do not affect gameplay. Works best with "Mr Funeral's Particle Mod" from http://www.gamemaps.com/det...
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