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Just good addons
Collection by FryCookSupreme
HD Pack
Collection by Your Father
Half life 3 mods
Collection by Buttlet
BHT e5
Left 4 Dead 1 и 2
Collection by Эллис
Left 4 Dead 1 и 2
Мояя коллекция
Collection by ReDiSka
Weapons and aesthetics
Collection by Cpt. Orange Juice
weapons and icons for the weapons, along with re-skins for a few items subtly improving the game
Left 4 Future
Collection by pyrros
Standard weapons reanimated.
Collection by Foxy Grandpa
A pack of my personal favorites of reanimated weapons.
L4D2 Funny Stuffs
Collection by [TQA] Belix Of Science
Mapz and stuff
Collection by LastGasp
Stuff that I like
Collection by A FinnyEcl1pse
Maksfaktor's collection
Collection by Maksfaktor
Todo lo que quieras para L4D2 y mas
Collection by Londrick
Collection by Kami咩
My Left 4 Dead 2 addons
Collection by ✯Toy Bonnie✯™
This is for my addons on L4D2.
Bourne's Military Collection
Collection by Lewis
This is a collection for all the addons that I use... None of the addons are created by me so credit goes to all the authors. This is meant to have a military theme with the survivors as SAS soldiers and everything is in "HD".
To play
Collection by Daddy Squants
A title
Collection by Shadyjay
L4D2 °Must Haves°
Collection by NapalmClaw
Basically all the addons that add something to the experience from my point of view or enhance the graphics a bit. Made for my friends
melee skin collection (tested)
Collection by MelTd0wN
this collection includes melee weapons' skin mod, which was been tested not causing -insecure issues. Only one skin mod will be included for every melee weapon.
Survivor Skin Mods: Vocaloid Append
Collection by MelTd0wN
This collection can cover all 8 survivors. Use at your own wish.
SzimonSays's L4D2 Mods
Collection by [ACE] SzimonSays
(mainly)melee weapons collection UNTESTED
Collection by MelTd0wN
This collection includes mods from the workshop that i'm interested, but haven't tested in the game. Will cause: -insecure command added while booting the game(important); -foolish actions PS: Items under the vocaloid...
Allahu Akbar
Collection by Hiukuss
Blue's Box
Collection by Blueunknown
Good, Very good.
HD Stuff
Collection by Rom & Ram (White Sisters)
Just a collection I am bringing back since some people liked it.
New L4D2 Improved
Collection by [Mex]Zavqui
A new L4D2 improved from mods that increase a better experience for the player.
My Fucked L4D2
Collection by DapCutscene
This is for my friends who wonder why I play so much L4D2.
Семейство АК
Collection by hG*Sally
Витя и его семья. Конечно же это шутка. В этой коллекции я собрал свои любимые моды на АК, некоторые сделанные не очень хорошо, а некоторые о...
i has addons :3
Collection by Der Chainsaw | ダニエル
muh addons for left 4 dead 2 :3
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