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Collection by: Volfrace
spooky scary skeletons
Collection by: CX-1-DA300_Browny
Collection by: TheOneMagnus
Hey look another collection (great)
Collection by: [DFS]Spyglass
So yeah as you can read in the title i just made a collection cause am bored these are the things i like and put in the game you can take a look I guess :l
L4D2: Realistic Edition
Collection by: Davo
For the ultimate realistic feel of L4D2, use either mods from my 'HD textures' collection or my 'L4D2: Improved Vanilla Edition' collection to enhance the textures of the world around you! L4D2 is unrealistic. The infected are bland, weapons have an ok...
My l4d2
Collection by: BigCrazyMonkey
Nightwolf Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Nightwolf
Aos amigos amantes de uma boa luta...
Collection by: Irregularblob
modpack 2.0
Collection by: Santaclausdoesnotexist
harder better faster stronger
Halloween Zombie Time
Collection by: Aeonian
pew pew skdoosh
Bill-X's 10 Buck Box
Collection by: Bill-X
Update to the 5 Buck Box with some different weapons and mutations.
Titanfall, monsters
Collection by: Tarzona
Collection by: Dapipo
Fido's Collection for L4D2 stuff he likes
Collection by: fido42
stuff i like in L4D2
l4d2 random stuff and such
Collection by: Revolutionist
It's randomized deal with it
left 4 dead shit
Collection by: Doctor Person
Collection by: Sir.JJ
CursedCodeCollection L4D
Collection by: CursedCode D|Δ|C
my collection
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